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Online scheduling and client management creates new possibilities for online retailer


In wanting to find a way to deepen relationships with her existing clients and make connections with new ones, online retailer Dina Harbour decided to expand her offering into more than just an online retail shop.

She wanted her Weebly website to be a place where women could shop for great fitting clothes, learn how to start their own e-commerce business, or just get coaching from someone who could provide entrepreneurship and life advice. Find out how this hard working solo-prenuer used vCita LiveSite to expand her business even further.

Looking for a way to to connect

Dina Harbour has been selling clothes for plus size women online since 2011. She’s always wanted to provide a place where women could find attractive, great fitting clothes conveniently, and at affordable prices. This has been the core of her business and what she’s worked hard to provide to her clients.

Recently, she was looking for a way to go further and deepen her relationship with her clients. A way to provide more value to her clients than just an online place to buy clothes.

“I wanted to work on my website abandon rate. I knew there were lots of people visiting my website and I had great traffic numbers but I knew I wasn’t getting to everybody’s needs or questions and that I was missing out on potential new business opportunities. That’s when I came across vCita Livesite….”

Dina researched online for ways to capture more website visitors and turn them into clients, and that’s when she came across the LiveSite client engagement platform.
Being available for clients: the LiveSite widget lets website visitors
schedule an appointment with Dina in a few clicks

She wanted a way for customers to be able to reach out to her with questions anytime, as well as get more information on who her actual website visitors were - such as their email address, occupation, style needs, etc. rather than just providing a phone number for them to call.

She was able to capture this important client data by using customized fields she set up through the intake form vCita provides. All of this client information is stored under the “client card” in vCita, along with other relevant info such as past booking information, documents traded back and forth between the business and client, payment history, and more.

Expanding the business

In starting to offer this with vCita and providing a place where clients could simply leave her a message and their information, Dina started strengthening her relationships with her clients, and through their questions and requests for more, she realized she had an opportunity to expand her offering into something even bigger.

“I was really looking for a way to connect deeper with my clients. I wanted to be there for them and be more available to them if they had questions or just needed someone to talk to about business or life strategy. I had a lot of clients wanting to get advice from me for more than just clothes. Women were coming to me for advice on how to start their own business and become entrepreneurs themselves. Many women were coming to her Weebly website to buy good quality clothes at great prices, but many had questions on fashion, how to start their own online store, how to solve complex business or life problems and get advice. That’s when Dina realized she needed to expand her website and offering into more than retail, and into a place where she could provide business coaching and online marketing advice to entrepreneurial-minded women.

Clients can schedule an over-the-phone or in-person appointment.

She started offering business coaching calls, expanding her vCita service menu and providing a way for clients to self-schedule with her through vCita. This vaulted her business to really take off. With clients now able to schedule a time conveniently whenever they wanted in Dina’s schedule, she was now able to serve a wider audience of clients in less time, increasing her book of business in much less time.

While scheduling an appointment, clients can pay online via credit card or PayPal.

Taking it a step further with social media online marketing

From there she realized she could leverage the vCita platform even more with social media and on Facebook. She started getting more active on social channels and with the success she was seeing with vCita, stepped up her online marketing game.

“Keeping customers for repeat business used to be a struggle for me. Now, I try to analyze my customers’ needs and their comments on my social media pages as much as possible. vCita taught me that. Wherever I get a response, I try to go there and make sure to service that customer right away. vCita makes it easy to stay in touch. I found that Facebook Groups and Facebook in general has been very helpful in getting and keeping customers and an audience. I try to post weekly if not daily. I focus on where I’m getting the most activity and the most responses and action.” Dina realized pretty quick that clients loved interacting with her on Facebook. Adding vCita’s custom scheduling button to her Facebook page enabled her to capture more leads and receive more appointment bookings.

Dina uses Facebook to engage more clients online and promote her website, driving more clients to schedule with her online

Dina also promotes her website a lot on social media, which in turn gets her more web traffic and now that she has a scheduling platform in place there as well, more clients are scheduling with her and paying her online.  Dina also tried to choose a name for her website that would be unique and do well with SEO results. Using the the word “Urban” did very well with Google SEO results and also got a ton of customers for her through Google. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. She posts to them all individually but uses the in-house capabilities of these to push to other social media outlets and feels it’s more organic this way.
All for a good cause
It’s very apparent that Dina is a people person and loves to help people. She decided that any unused inventory or unsold clothes after 90 days would be donated to a shelter for battered or abused women called “Hope for Domestic Violence”.
This works very well and is a win-win in many ways. First, it draws a lot of attention from consignment sellers because of this donation to charity and attracts them to sell their clothing on Dina’s website - they already want to work with her because of this. Also, this draws in more buyers as well because of this charitable donation.

“Overall, I love what I do everyday and love making a difference in people’s lives. vCita makes it so much easier to get tons more done in half the time! I am loving the way it keeps me in touch with my clients needs as well. It’s been fantastic!”

A special thanks to Dina Harbour for sharing her story with us!
Check her out and drop her a line on her website.

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If you are not using SMS for your business, you might be missing out on a great marketing tool!

Sending messages to your consumers is faster and easier with an SMS software. In fact, it is so efficient that many big brands have adopted it as part of their marketing strategy. 

Haven’t you noticed how many signs you’ve seen saying “Text [keyword] to #####?” That’s SMS marketing!

Still unsure SMS is right for you? Consider these stats:

     It takes the average person 90 minutes to respond to email, but only 90 seconds to respond to a text message

     Over 80% of American adult text, making it the most common cell phone activity

     80% of people are currently using texting for business

     Over one-third of business professionals say they can’t go 10 minutes without responding to a text

Give it a chance, you might like what you see. Be sure to take a look at the beginner’s guide to SMS marketing infographic below, courtesy of Trumpia.

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Online scheduling and payments by vCita saves precious time for therapist


Dr. Shari Taylor had been looking for a way to simplify things and streamline her business online. With vCita’s client engagement solution, offering self-serve scheduling and easy payment options to her clients, she was able to save an incredible amount of time on day-to-day logistics, giving her more time to pursue the work she loves to do; helping people improve their daily lives through her unique gifts of Mind-Body Therapeutics. As we take a deeper dive on her story below, we see just how this solo-entrepreneur was able to use vCita for her and her clients' benefit.

Better client interaction: more results in less time

Dr. Shari Taylor has been practicing in New Orleans, LA making clients happy and focusing them on re-connecting with their bodies for quite some time. “Several years ago, I had a life-changing experience that motivated me to embark on an ardent journey of personal and spiritual development. Through extensive study of the mind-body connection, I learned to be with, and listen to my body. I realized that through movement, exploration, and integration, I could show others how growing this awareness enables us to live with a better sense of clarity and authenticity, readily accessing the wisdom our body can provide us.” Shari has used self-serve online schedulers in the past, with some success, but there were always double bookings, missed appointments, unfilled forms, missed payments, etc. and she knew that there had to be a better solution. “I was searching for a solution and I saw an ad on Weebly for scheduling and decided to check out vCita. I’ve used other schedulers in the past, but they didn’t do reminders or send documents which is a vCita feature I absolutely LOVE and need for my business. I wanted to find out how I could send initial paperwork to clients before they see me so document sharing was a big thing for me. I also really needed clients to fill out a form and sign my T&C’s before meeting in person and vCita made this very easy to do.”

Unlike schedulers that just do strictly bookings, vCita comes equipped with a back-office CRM full of easy to use yet powerful features for managing client information, documents, bookings, payments, and more. "I also really liked the LiveSite widget - when someone first visits my website they can schedule RIGHT away without having to login, create an account, etc. which is far too many steps. It really just made it all so easy."
Being able to automatically send clients email and text message reminders about their appointments dramatically reduced no-shows and a lot of the back-forth coordination for Shari, saving her an immense amount of precious time she could use elsewhere. "Everyone uses cell phones these days and I love how the SMS reminders to clients were automatic. It wasn’t on the business owner to remember to send these or provide it, it was all just automatic.”

Reducing no-shows and cancellations

The next thing Shari was looking to implement was giving clients an option to pay for services online. She needed something simple, that gave clients lots of different options for making a payment, and she needed the option to have some services she offered to be paid in advance as well, to help reduce last minute cancellations.
"Being able to link to various merchant providers to make it easy for clients to pay was a really nice feature. I also really like using the payments screen in the CRM where you can see the amount you’ve collected so far, what’s owed, a list of all who have paid, etc. and the green paid symbol or red clock symbol if they haven’t. Also how you can just click “send reminder” with one click on the people who haven’t paid yet and when they finally do pay, it sends you a confirmation text immediately is very nice. So helpful!”

Branching out: engaging clients beyond the website

Besides easily adding to any existing website, vCita currently integrates with popular and easy-to-use email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, AWeber, and Constant Contact, automatically adding new leads captured from vCita’s LiveSite to any emailing list. After finding much success with her Weebly website and offering easy to use self-serve options for clients, Shari realized she could go further. In addition to sending SMS reminders to clients for appointments or payments, she could “remind” clients of her business and her services through email marketing and her blog. “One of the things that I’ve found is that by writing a blog, and by doing it very consistently once per month and having it go out to my email list it reminds clients that “you’re there” and keeps you top of mind. When they get that in their email inbox that helps with my client return rate immensely. I’m using mailchimp currently to email clients blog posts, relevant content, etc and have been using vCita to capture those email addresses and then add them to my various Mailchimp campaigns! It’s a win-win for me and has been working really great!” Now that Shari has all the makings of a great website and client engagement solution in place to put some business processes on “auto-pilot” she’s able to focus more on her passion of helping people and making them stronger both mentally and physically. “Love vCita! Thank you for making my life easier!” -Shari Taylor
A special thanks to Shari Taylor for being so kind as to share her story with us!
You can check out Shari and the amazing work she does or drop her a message anytime on her website.

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5 Clever Tools to Inspire Clients to Take Action


In small business marketing, a lot of attention is placed on how, where and when to address clients and potential clients with a winning pitch. Buying the right ad placements, phrasing the perfect line, designing the ultimate image – so much effort put towards making the right marketing choices.

But what about the people on the other end of these efforts? How do we turn them from mere listeners into followers, advocates or customers? Successful marketing should strive to get a conversation going and never settle on simply getting the branding message out there.

LiveSite Active Contact Form

If you want to take an even more pro-active approach, the LiveSite Active app is your perfect companion. This tool works as a non-intrusive pop-up window that guides your site visitor through the services that are offered on your site and encourages them to schedule a call, share a file with you or even pre-book and pay for your service.

You can personalize the messaging to highlight your availability and prompt visitors to contact you.

To read the full article on WIX blog please Click Here

To learn more about vCita and sign up for a free trial. Click Here

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Legal Logik provides an innovative online experience with vCita


It’s no wonder Legal Logik was voted Most Innovative Law Firm in Canada in 2015 and 2016. This full-service law firm has a unique view on how to do business in today’s economy, placing a major emphasis on the digital client experience it provides. We spoke with David Kynan, Director of Marketing, to get the lowdown on the firm’s innovative approach to what interacting with a lawyer should feel like in today’s digital world.

Tell us a bit about your marketing challenges and strategy.

The major challenge for a service firm is that what we offer is completely intangible. A client doesn’t know exactly what they’ll get until the service has been delivered. That leaves people hesitant and anxious about contacting a lawyer. Legal services also tend to be expensive and people are worried about the surprise they’ll get when their bill comes. It’s my job to make the services we offer as accessible as possible and that means helping people feel comfortable with us and the way we operate. When they visit our site, I want them to feel a sense of trust and rapport and to take that first step and contact us. While we are very big on technology, we are also very big on face to face connection. We invest a lot of time and effort in hosting courses and events through our legal education program, LogikED and we also sponsor events alongside contributing from our knowledge by publishing articles, free guides and videos. Our entire approach blends online experience with offline connection. It’s high tech high-touch.

How does vCita LiveSite fit into your online marketing efforts?

vCita supports our marketing game plan in many ways and we use it on several channels. On our website, for example, we use the LiveSite widget to offer a free consultation with an attorney. This allows people who are looking for a lawyer to easily book an introductory appointment with any one of our staff members in a couple clicks right from the site whenever they want. They can be in their pajamas at 10 at night and request an appointment, see it approved minutes later, and be at our offices the next morning. Since we started using vCita, we get more action from our website - more visitors take action and that means more leads and more conversions. We also use vCita on in our emails and email campaigns. People who have requested information on various services get an email in the sequence inviting them to schedule a free consultation with the vCita link, and so we convert more of our subscribers.
We use LiveSite to offer a free initial consultation with an attorney right from our site. This makes it easy for people to take the next step and has increased the conversion of web visitors into clients.

Where else do you use vCita to invite clients to schedule with you?

Alongside our website and email marketing, we also use vCita on our social media. One of the things we love about LiveSite is the ability to create direct scheduling links, which are custom links that lead to scheduling a specific service with a specific staff member. We use these links quite a lot, since our firm offers office hours at multiple locations around the city. We’ve even added vCita scheduling links to our brochures and postcards, bringing our clients online from classic printed media. Instead of just putting down our number and having clients call in, and instead of just putting our website, we place a custom link where they can schedule a meeting directly from the postcard using their smartphone.

Instead of just putting down our number and having clients call in, we use custom vCita links on our printed material so clients can sign up easily from any device.

How is letting clients schedule online different from letting them fill in a contact form?
In legal, clients want help right away, so filling out their details on the site and waiting for someone to contact them can lead to a lot of time-consuming back and forth. We use vCita to empower clients to schedule an appointment online by themselves, when they want, sparing the email or phone tag and making it a stress-free experience. All they need to do is select the service they want, choose a staff member from a branded menu with photos of our staff, and select the time that works for them.
We use vCita to give clients the ability to schedule appointments online, when they want, without having to submit a webform, wait for a call back or even make a phone call to our office.

Has scheduling appointments through vCita helped you reduce client no-shows?
I’ve actually never heard of a no-show that was scheduled through vCita. When someone schedules with us, they immediately receive a confirmation email with all the meeting information, and the meeting is added to their calendar. vCita also sends out an automated email reminder prior to the meeting, and clients can reschedule directly from that email should they need to. Clients really love how easy it is and so does our staff.

After the intro meeting, do you continue to interact with clients online?
Yes, with vCita each client has their own personalized service portal behind a secure login. Clients can view their previous correspondence with us, share files in preparation for their next meeting, schedule a follow-up call, and view their complete activity history.

Part of being accessible is letting clients book appointments directly from our website, emails and social media.
What made you choose vCita over other providers?
There were several needs that vCita was able to address. Since we’re located in Montreal, we needed for a bilingual solution that would allow us to work in both English and French - which vCita does perfectly.
We also wanted a solution that would connect to our existing Infusionsoft CRM. We were able to easily integrate vCita with Infusionsoft, so when a new lead comes in through vCita, the contact is automatically added to Infusionsoft. We don’t need to spend a second on data entry or trying to figure out which system a client’s information is in.
Document sharing was another important capability. We constantly need to share documents with clients, such as letters we are writing on their behalf or contracts we are preparing for them. Also, when handling their files, our attorney needs clients to provide documents such as letters, emails, court correspondence or medical or police records. We were looking for a membership platform which would provide each client with their own login and account to faciliate documents sharing. Since vCita has this function, we didn’t need to look for another software - we killed two bird with one stone.

A special thanks to David Kynan and Legal Logik for sharing their story.
Check them out on their website and Facebook.

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vCita’s LiveSite Paves the Way for a Stronger Online Presence


In search of ways to increase conversion from their website, Ron and Lisa (aka "The Healthy Home Dream Team") found vCita's LiveSite and broke new grounds. Find out how this award winning team leverage vCita and pave the way to a healthier website and a stronger online presence.

Passion turned to business
Award winning experts and authors Ron and Lisa Beres have been nicknamed "The Healthy Home Dream Team." Their unique business came to be when Lisa experienced  first-hand how our living environment affects our health and well-being, and transformed her home into a healthy haven.
Following their personal experience, the Beres couple found a new calling and set out on a mission to help other homeowners furnish, clean, and maintain their homes, removing toxins from the household and improving their health and well-being.
Impressed with their extraordinary profession and passion, we set out to hear how the Healthy Home duo leverage vCita to engage their clients online.

Don't just drive traffic – drive action
To extend their outreach and promote their business, the Healthy Home Dream Team focuses on several marketing techniques including social media, TV and radio interviews, newsletters and Google Ads.
Their website is a significant component of their online presence, and with their various online marketing efforts they have managed to drive a large amount of traffic to it. But that's just the first step.
"When driving traffic to your website," explains Lisa, "you need to have a strong call-to-action that appeals to your visitors. We recognized that not having a distinct, compelling call-to-action was causing us a lot of lost business, and realized that vCita can give us just that."
Adding vCita's LiveSite to their Wordpress website proved to be a great way to increase engagement and maximize the amount of visitors that take action on the website. With LiveSite, potential clients are greeted by a mobile-friendly invitation that allows them to easily leave their details, request a call-back or schedule phone or home consultations. "The LiveSite widget is very eye-catching and gorgeous," says Lisa. "We've seen a great increase in clients that actually contact us through our site."
When searching for tools drive more website visitors to interact with them, the Beres knew that a mobile-friendly solution was a must-have. "Targeting mobile users was important for us, and something that we hadn’t done before," shares Lisa. "I love how out-of-the-box vCita is. The fact that it came as a mobile-optimized platform, without us having to do anything extra to set that up, was amazing."
Potential clients are greeted by a mobile-friendly invitation to leave their details or schedule a consult.

In relation to client relations
When asked about interaction with potential clients, Lisa shares that the first touch is usually via email, followed by a phone call and then a face-to-face meeting in the client's home. Lisa found vCita to be incredibly effective and a real time-saver in scheduling these calls and home consults.
With vCita connected to Ron and Lisa's website on one end and to their Gmail Calendar on the other, potential clients can now easily book a phone or in-person appointment online. They simply choose the service they would like to schedule and the time that works for them.
Upon booking the appointment, a confirmation email with a calendar invite is automatically sent to both sides. Clients can view the appointment location and details, send a last minute message, share a photo or a document or reschedule the appointment if needed. They also receive a reminder via both email and SMS prior to the appointment, resulting in a decrease in no-shows and dropped appointments.
Clients simply choose the service they would like to schedule and a time that works for them.

Time well saved
Automating the scheduling process and allowing it to take place online rather than over the phone saves Ron and Lisa a great deal of time. "As a small business owner," Lisa touches on an important point, "you wear so many hats and deal with so many tasks at once. vCita helps us save valuable time on scheduling, rescheduling, reminding, etc - freeing us up to focus on other things."
To complete the cycle, vCita also functions as a CRM where all client information and activity history is stored - allowing Ron and Lisa to track incoming leads and keep in touch with clients.
“Overall,” Lisa sums up their experience with vCita so far, “we’ve definitely taken our online interaction with clients to the next level.”

A special thanks to Ron and Lisa Beres for sharing their story.
Check them out on their website and Facebook.

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Get the low-down on how vCita helped increase productivity for RK Fischer & Associates


RK Fischer & Associates, Canadian business consulting and coaching firm, looked for a way to reduce the amount of time spent on scheduling and coordination.

After trying out several different online scheduling solutions, they found vCita to be a great fit. 

"There has been a significant productivity improvement. I use to spend 30 minutes back and forth with every scheduling of an appointment to now spending 5 seconds to accept an appointment which can only be scheduled when I am available."

They quickly discovered vCita was a whole lot more than just online scheduling. "We now have another mini CRM online. Everyone that signs up for an appointment has to fill in the information you want to know about the business. Having this information is  very helpful as it lets you find out about the business before the conversation, which in turn gives the client more time to talk about what they want versus providing you with all of the background on their business."

Read on to find out first-hand how RK Fischer & Associates managed to increase their productivity and save valuable time with vCita.

Read the full story here

A special thanks to RK Fischer & Associates for sharing their story.

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Amazing results achieved by Pandora by bundling vCita with Constant Contact and DudaOne


World-renowned jewelry manufacturer Pandora achieves remarkable success implementing an integrated marketing solution including vCita. 

Find out how Conscious Commerce, led by founder Brandon Klayman, builds a complete solution for Pandora, helping the company rise to the challenge of communicating and reaching out to clients in this digital day and age.

Read the full story here

Pandora Eaton Centre's LiveSite

“Using vCita has completely transformed our ability to clientele. We have gone from using paper and binders to moving our clientele services completely online using the vCita Live Site platform."

Pandora Park Place LiveSite widget on website

“During our March bracelet event we were able to book 525 appointments in 6 of our locations over a 18 day period. Almost 30 appointments per day were booked by vCita Live Site. We are increasing our ability to communicate with our clients."

A special thanks to Conscious Commerce for sharing this story.

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