Make CTAs irresistible with these top tips

If we’re being honest here, every visitor to your website who doesn’t convert or contact you is a missed opportunity, costing you time and ultimately, money. Minimizing these types of users should be among your top priorities...

Does email marketing still work in 2022?

Despite the increase in the use of social media and messaging apps, email marketing is still a very popular way for businesses to connect with their clients and prospects. It is a powerful marketing tool, even today, especially considering that the number of global email users is predicted to reach 4.6 billion in 2025...

The best ways to grow your salon business

Working to ensure your salon continues to grow is a surefire way to keep you ahead of the game. With over 900K salons spread across the US, beating out the competition is definitely a priority for your salon.  Before you begin your growth journey, it’s important to understand whether your salon is ready for it...

Getting reviews for your home services business

For home services professionals, getting new clients can be difficult. That’s why more and more plumbers, electricians, pest controllers, movers, handymen and others in the home service industry are going online.  Have you ever tried searching your industry on Google...

Customer loyalty programs that work for small businesses

Looking for an easy way to increase sales and customer retention? A loyalty program might be just the thing you need...

Top marketing trends for small businesses in 2022

Are you ready for this year to be your business’s biggest marketing year yet? Knowing where to focus your marketing efforts is the key to successful marketing for your business.  Should you be posting videos...

The podcast bible: How to create, promote & profit from a podcast in 2021 (+ real examples)

Everything you need to know before starting a podcast. Plus real examples of small business owners who created super successful podcasts!

5 Clever ways to use group events to grow your business

So.  You’re an expert in your field, your clients love you, you’re doing great and your calendar is always fully booked. Or is it?  Even the busiest of businesses have openings in their calendar...

30 Zoom hacks for amazing customer calls

30 awesome Zoom hacks to rocket-power your sales calls, customer discovery calls, and lead nurturing calls.

How to use Clubhouse to grow your small business: Everything you need to know

Is Clubhouse good for networking? Apparently, the new audio network can win you powerful contacts and funding - if you play your cards right.

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