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 Though we are just barely set up yet, and haven't added our customer contacts and ecommerce account yet, we are entirely thrilled to have the vCita solution to a long list of management issues we were gearing up to confront. Fortunately, and voila!, vCita found us! Within seconds I had a free account and ease of contact with them to pursue any next decision I would need to make. Enough said to just try the software yourself as a customer with them while using their very software solution they offer. Their Back Office software as as service solution for us as a small advisory firm is a blessing and answer to our prayers. I expect and trust my next review will include revenue increases that are as exciting as I am now relieved of such a burden. —Jane Hundley, MA, Industrial Organizational Psychologist

I am a huge fan of vCita online payments.   It’s easy to set up and my clients love the ease of use.  It is integrated into the CRM so I’m able to track my time and income in one place.  I can schedule, take payments aand follow up all in one platform.  It has simplified the way I do business.—Caren Glasser, Co-Founder of Spark It Network

We recently added the vCita app to our website, MarkonBrandDesign.com. I was originally attracted to it as an alternative to the standard Wix form tool, which is pretty limiting. Once I started playing around with it, we decided to upgrade to take advantage of the scheduling and payment features. Our clients adapted quickly to the new addition to our site and started using the payment features right away! It's nice because as a graphic design agency, client's can just make payments towards their account without having to pay for a specific invoice through our regular accounting system. We can easily have them make their deposit payments right online. For us, it's made sense to eliminate the previous "e-commerce" features from our site and just direct clients to the vCita payment tool. Now it is all centralized for the client and makes us look more professional - win win! The "Share Document" feature has also allowed us to get large files from our graphic design clients much more professionally than sharing a Dropbox folder with them, which is what we used to do. All-in-all, a great app that we have started adding to our web design client's pages with great success! — Kristine Neil, President of Markon Brand Design, Vancouver, WA

We use vCita to schedule lessons with our students. We are very happy about it. First, the integration on our website was very easy. We use the vCita online booking system on a daily basis. On our side, it is very intuitive to set up the rules we want. On the students' side, this system is highly appreciated. They can schedule their lessons and very easily pay online. We are very pleased about this choice that has helped us convince our students about the quality of our services. — Anthony Lucas, Founder, Learning CafĂ© Ltd

As a Behavioral Consultant with clients in more than 18 nations, vCita has been a Godsend. Keeping track of differing timezones and appointments through my phone, iPad, or laptop has been life changing. What I love about this product is its look and feel as well as its user-friendly application. Aesthetically, vCita fits in with my brand like nothing else and my clients love it as much as I do! — Steve Sisler, Lead Behavioral Profiler at The Behavioral Resource Group, Dallas, TX www.stevesisler.org

I did not realize how much I needed this product until I tried it. Having online scheduling on my website and social media sites, on my email signature and within email marketing has increased the number of appointment requests I am receiving. Sending clients invoices with links for online payments has been very well received by them; I like getting payments within hours instead of weeks of sending the invoice. —Ellen McDowell, Social Media Consultant

vCita has helped me become 10x more productive in my business. — Taimour Zaman, Chief Digital Officer & Founder of One Million Acts of Innovation

Clients and prospects can set up a 15 minute phone chat or book a consultation via the scheduling form. All information is stored in my "address book" and I can even require prepayment for certain services. So far, I am very happy with the application on my website. — Melissa Ward, Social Media Marketing, Website Design, Internet Marketing, Speaker, Author, Consultant

 The vCita onboarding rep was excellent. He answered all of my questions and provided me with all of the support I needed. In addition, he even shared additional tips with me via email. —Pardeep Kullar, Corporate Training & Development Expert

I personally think vCita provides a product that is cutting edge, easy to use and ready to meet the demands of this generation of savvy mobile technology users. For my purposes, providing an scheduling system that both my office staff and patients can share from any location or device is crucial to meeting the needs of both sides of the equation. When staff and patients are happy using a system that is the link-pin to the success of my practice, it allows me to focus my efforts on what really matters - caring for the needs of my patients. I look forward to future enhancements in the service. —Joseph De Santi, Owner & Medical Director

Like the software, it brings what I need to communicate and schedule with my clients —Justin Letheby, Trainer/Professional Speaker

vCita is that hidden gem that I discovered among the many CRM apps in today's market place. It is very easy to use. Affordable and they have good customer support. They even customized the vCita plugin in our website with the look and feel we wanted. If you are looking for a decent online scheduling and contact inquiry app, then vCita is excellent. —Srini Ramineni, DBA University, Inc.

I just started using vCita to give my readers a way to book complimentary blog consults with me. I'm really impressed with how easy this was to do. I'm ok with computers and technology but was afraid booking appointments and getting them transferred to my Google calendar would be complicated. I was so glad that with vCita it was actually really simple. —Karissa Ancell, Owner at A Fresh Start on a Budget

 I recently came across vCita and utilize it for my yoga, coaching, and massage business. I am also a psychology/counseling intern part-time and that position consumes time I would otherwise spend managing my private healing arts business. vCita has supported me to manage scheduling and client information in one convenient interface. This has afforded me more time to focus on other details of my private business. I love how my clients can schedule directly online and do not need to call, text, or email me directly to make an appointment. They love it too, as it gives them more independence. This saves me hours of time per month that I can use to focus on other important business-related tasks. I find this system also helps bolster new business and brings in return business as well. Romi Cumes MA, MFTI, LMT, Mental Health Counselor at Santa Barbara City College 

The vCita team is really well organized and they know how to treat a customer right. From our first introduction to vCita for a demo to our most recent interaction where they set everything up for us, every interaction has been exemplary. The tools themselves are extremely useful and simple to implement, making it a no-brainer to add advanced scheduling and payment features to your website when most folks probably shy away from that level of complexity. The only thing I would love to see is more integrations with other tools - we currently use another CRM (OnePage) and since there is no option to integrate with it, Wufoo, or Zapier, we're left with the choice to either manually extract data or have two systems of record. Otherwise I think this is a fantastic solution that can help LOTS of folks get more business through their website. —Christiana M. Macy, Director at Fuse at the Riverside

 I've been using vCita for a month now and just love it. I live in South America, which means that I used to mess up my calendar every time Daylight Savings Time started in the USA. Now my clients can book their own appointments in their time zone and Vcita ensures the time translates into my time zone perfectly. I work with busy authors and they love the ease of scheduling their own appointments with vCita. Thank you for saving me time aI am a small business owner who is working on building a better website and this is the perfect addition! I was referred to vCita by a friend of mine who also uses vCita. The entire process is very user friendly AND the customer service is top notch! I recently had a billing issue and I was able to call and promptly get it straightened out! I am excited to continue using vCita! I highly recommend it! — Alicia Robinson LMT, Consutlant at doTerra

vCita has been easy to use, and was easy to implement into my website. It allows my business to run more smoothly and efficiently. It captures contact information and people can scheudle at all hours of the day or night. very easy to implement. —Dr. Jessica Riechert, Doctor of Chiropractic

I love the service provided by vCita. It's fast, simple, easy to setup and it saves me so much time! Thank you guys for the amazing service. I definitely recommend to my clients. —Ana Caiado, Founder and Creative Director at Brown SugarBear Design+Art, Founder & Creative Director of Le Bear Design

I've been using vCita for a month now and just love it. I live in South America, which means that I used to mess up my calendar every time Daylight Savings Time started in the USA. Now my clients can book their own appointments in their time zone and Vcita ensures the time translates into my time zone perfectly. I work with busy authors and they love the ease of scheduling their own appointments with Vcita. Thank you for saving me time and headaches! —Lynne Klippel, Publisher, Book Strategist

Professional staff, guided me thrut he setup process. Made my schedule so much easier by adding their embedded code into my website and also on my FB page! — Private Investigator at InvesProtex Investigation & Protection Services

After months of research, testing and analyzing a better way to communicate and reach out to prospective and existing customers vCita was the answer. Multiple touch points from sales presentations, training, selling services, consultations, live online product demos and special support requests are all managed by using vCita to arrange time and opportunities in an easy and well designed interface. My anticipated sales growth should exceed 30% and improvement to customer retention will drop the loss rate by at least 5% due to vCita's overall service offerings. — Chuck Royer, Arbor Masters Tree and Landscape, 1st Call Interactive Marketing

vCita is an incredible tool that helps our business grow and look professional. Schedule appointments. Keep track of clients in a CRM. Paid consultations. Look professional. —Brad Dixon, Nationally recognized Reputation Marketing & Customer Loyalty Expert, Speaker and Author at www.BradDixonOnline.com.

As a hypnotist, speaker and consultant, I have a variety of appointment needs, and vCita seems to fit my needs. It also houses my contact list, so it is a great solution to keeping all my contact info in one place without having to duplicate tasks. I'm looking forward to all that vCita can do for me. —Connie Kvilhaug

This plugin is great for ANY business small or large that values being organized with their customer database. It's like having a secretary that can multi-task 24/7/365! You can't go wrong by implementing this plugin into your everyday business website activities. Not to mention the top notch customer service cVita provides. It's an asset to ALL businesses. Easy to install, User friendly, great customer service! The 5 star rating is well deserved. —Rochelle Hayward, Producer/Recording Engineer at Southeaster Region Music Group

I added vCita LiveSite to my site after attending OneCon. By Monday morning, I had five new customers scheduled for appointments and I didn’t have to lift a finger. Not only is the [LiveSite] widget making my life more efficient, but it is a very complementary revenue source as  I promote it to my customers.”  —Bryan Caplan, Master Certified, Authorized Local Expert-Constant Contact 

The LiveSite self-service client portal is a great resource for my clients as they can review past orders, payments and other information at their convenience—and they can even book appointments right from their account.  —Melody Velez, Owner, MDV Custom Cakes

[vCita Online Scheduling] is without any doubt, the lynch pin in my online coaching and tutoring business. Thank you so much for such an awesome product. I tell everyone about it and spread the word daily. Thanks!  —Adam Edgar, Lead Instructor - English Simple Team

Our first priority is to serve our clients and with vCita we deliver on that promise. We provide every client with 24 hour access to our legal and consulting services through our LiveSite, and with vCita the experience is personalized, and helps us convert more visitors into clients.  —Jeff Breglio, Managing Partner of Breglio Law Office

vCita is a great solution for us as it is easy to use, saves time and most of all, it works. vCita customer support is always there if we have a question. If I could get people like my hair stylist to use vCita, then that would solve everything... I wouldn’t have to call her and hope she has her appointment book handy and then call back and try scheduling again. Life would be so much easier if everyone would use vCita.  —Al Nazarelli, CEO of Silicon Valley Research Group

I have provided care for patients as far away as Dubai, Newfoundland and Mexico. With vCita, I’m able to provide care to any animal anywhere. vCita has been a blessing. It helps me achieve my dream of offering quality homeopathic medicine to improve the lives of pets and connect with people all over the world.  —Dr. Patricia Jordan, DVM

vCita is the only scheduler we use. Even when a client calls the office to make an appointment, our administrative assistants schedule the appointment using vCita and the entire process is automated from that point forward. They love it.  —Ken Melrose, Breglio Law Office  

Absolutely loving what vCita has done for my business and online services. Thank you.  —Cassandra Newsome

vCita helps me to offer a better value proposition than my competition. I want to be easy to find, easy to hire and easy to work with and vCita helps me to do that. Every  new contact that comes in through vCita is a chance to build a lasting relationship with a new client.  —Albert E. Bergen, CPA

The more I use vCita the more valuable I realize it is. I would recommend using this invaluable tool for all businesses whether just starting out as I was or going through growth and in need of client management system.  —Winston C. Trumpet

We received three leads within 24 hours of adding vCita to our website and have been receiving new inquiries steadily ever since. The contact form works like a charm!  —Michael Raanan, Landmark Tax Group

I have been trying vCita and experienced the benefit immediately. It is so user friendly, both for me and my clients. I tore my hair out with another CMS for months and had some frustrated clients. This time, scheduling was easy and so was payment — what a relief!! Yes, clients were almost happy to pay me because it was so easy!   —Margie Gordillo, Get Real Professional Coaching

I'm an orthopaedic physical therapist and vCita allows my patients to view my schedule and book appointments online 24/7, but even more importantly, it allows referring physicians and surgeons to book their patients into my schedule before leaving their office.  Once an appointment is booked, we're able to contact them within seconds and engage in an online dialogue that is a huge convenience to them. The best practice tool I've used in 25 years.  — Terry Kane, Orthopaedic Physical Therapist 

Simply brilliant. Looks great and has made a massive difference to our audience capture rate.  —Paul Thomas, Grieves Pryce, Executive CV Services 

I love this product and am so excited to have such an easy system for people to use on my website. This makes making an appointment with me easy for myself, my clients, prospects, and the media. It also makes getting paid a prompt and convenient action. My vCita suite of products are an essential way of selling my services online, and more importantly helps me maintain a very busy schedule without too much hassle, and from anywhere and any device in the world. I love you. Thank you forever, vCita!"  —Sondra Sneed

I was faced with the choice of using either Timetrade or vCita, but recently made the decision to go with vCita because I feel that your personalized service is phenomenal in comparison to TT's pretty much non-existent personal service for emerging solopreneurs like me.  —Donna Marie Johnson, The Love Infused Marketing and Graphics Strategist 

 vCita proved to be the perfect of three worlds: scheduler, accepting payments, easy to get up and running.  I set up my trial account in the morning and by late afternoon I was testing and scheduling real appointments. Finally, one phone call to vCita's support showed me that vCita is responsive and want their customers to know how to use their products.  —Oz du Soleil, Data Management Professional and Excel Trainer


  1. I am an Outlook Expert and work with clients nationally and internationally. Can you imagine how my life was before using vCita? Scheduling nightmare with time zone and emailing back and forth "What is a good time for you?" back and forthing was a waste of time for me and very frustrating! I had a client send me a vCita link and was like "Why am I not doing that!"...so I set it up and within the day found it working as I needed it too. In just 3 months, I have 300 contact requests or appointments booked with this service and the best part? My past clients all love it and find it easy to use and fast! I was a bit worried about that, but it worked out great. I also accept appointments from my iPhone and it all works perfect.

  2. Vcita has been a great way for my computer repair & data recovery business to get more support requests on our website. It has been very helpful in providing a way to track all requests and followup with new customers. I feel that without it, my business wouldn't be converting as much web traffic into new customers.