Online scheduling and payments by vCita saves precious time for therapist

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Online scheduling and payments by vCita saves precious time for therapist


Dr. Shari Taylor had been looking for a way to simplify things and streamline her business online. With vCita’s client engagement solution, offering self-serve scheduling and easy payment options to her clients, she was able to save an incredible amount of time on day-to-day logistics, giving her more time to pursue the work she loves to do; helping people improve their daily lives through her unique gifts of Mind-Body Therapeutics. As we take a deeper dive on her story below, we see just how this solo-entrepreneur was able to use vCita for her and her clients' benefit.

Better client interaction: more results in less time

Dr. Shari Taylor has been practicing in New Orleans, LA making clients happy and focusing them on re-connecting with their bodies for quite some time. “Several years ago, I had a life-changing experience that motivated me to embark on an ardent journey of personal and spiritual development. Through extensive study of the mind-body connection, I learned to be with, and listen to my body. I realized that through movement, exploration, and integration, I could show others how growing this awareness enables us to live with a better sense of clarity and authenticity, readily accessing the wisdom our body can provide us.” Shari has used self-serve online schedulers in the past, with some success, but there were always double bookings, missed appointments, unfilled forms, missed payments, etc. and she knew that there had to be a better solution. “I was searching for a solution and I saw an ad on Weebly for scheduling and decided to check out vCita. I’ve used other schedulers in the past, but they didn’t do reminders or send documents which is a vCita feature I absolutely LOVE and need for my business. I wanted to find out how I could send initial paperwork to clients before they see me so document sharing was a big thing for me. I also really needed clients to fill out a form and sign my T&C’s before meeting in person and vCita made this very easy to do.”

Unlike schedulers that just do strictly bookings, vCita comes equipped with a back-office CRM full of easy to use yet powerful features for managing client information, documents, bookings, payments, and more. "I also really liked the LiveSite widget - when someone first visits my website they can schedule RIGHT away without having to login, create an account, etc. which is far too many steps. It really just made it all so easy."
Being able to automatically send clients email and text message reminders about their appointments dramatically reduced no-shows and a lot of the back-forth coordination for Shari, saving her an immense amount of precious time she could use elsewhere. "Everyone uses cell phones these days and I love how the SMS reminders to clients were automatic. It wasn’t on the business owner to remember to send these or provide it, it was all just automatic.”

Reducing no-shows and cancellations

The next thing Shari was looking to implement was giving clients an option to pay for services online. She needed something simple, that gave clients lots of different options for making a payment, and she needed the option to have some services she offered to be paid in advance as well, to help reduce last minute cancellations.
"Being able to link to various merchant providers to make it easy for clients to pay was a really nice feature. I also really like using the payments screen in the CRM where you can see the amount you’ve collected so far, what’s owed, a list of all who have paid, etc. and the green paid symbol or red clock symbol if they haven’t. Also how you can just click “send reminder” with one click on the people who haven’t paid yet and when they finally do pay, it sends you a confirmation text immediately is very nice. So helpful!”

Branching out: engaging clients beyond the website

Besides easily adding to any existing website, vCita currently integrates with popular and easy-to-use email marketing tools such as Mailchimp, AWeber, and Constant Contact, automatically adding new leads captured from vCita’s LiveSite to any emailing list. After finding much success with her Weebly website and offering easy to use self-serve options for clients, Shari realized she could go further. In addition to sending SMS reminders to clients for appointments or payments, she could “remind” clients of her business and her services through email marketing and her blog. “One of the things that I’ve found is that by writing a blog, and by doing it very consistently once per month and having it go out to my email list it reminds clients that “you’re there” and keeps you top of mind. When they get that in their email inbox that helps with my client return rate immensely. I’m using mailchimp currently to email clients blog posts, relevant content, etc and have been using vCita to capture those email addresses and then add them to my various Mailchimp campaigns! It’s a win-win for me and has been working really great!” Now that Shari has all the makings of a great website and client engagement solution in place to put some business processes on “auto-pilot” she’s able to focus more on her passion of helping people and making them stronger both mentally and physically. “Love vCita! Thank you for making my life easier!” -Shari Taylor
A special thanks to Shari Taylor for being so kind as to share her story with us!
You can check out Shari and the amazing work she does or drop her a message anytime on her website.

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