5 Clever Tools to Inspire Clients to Take Action

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5 Clever Tools to Inspire Clients to Take Action


In small business marketing, a lot of attention is placed on how, where and when to address clients and potential clients with a winning pitch. Buying the right ad placements, phrasing the perfect line, designing the ultimate image – so much effort put towards making the right marketing choices.

But what about the people on the other end of these efforts? How do we turn them from mere listeners into followers, advocates or customers? Successful marketing should strive to get a conversation going and never settle on simply getting the branding message out there.

LiveSite Active Contact Form

If you want to take an even more pro-active approach, the LiveSite Active app is your perfect companion. This tool works as a non-intrusive pop-up window that guides your site visitor through the services that are offered on your site and encourages them to schedule a call, share a file with you or even pre-book and pay for your service.

You can personalize the messaging to highlight your availability and prompt visitors to contact you.

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