vCita’s LiveSite Paves the Way for a Stronger Online Presence

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vCita’s LiveSite Paves the Way for a Stronger Online Presence


In search of ways to increase conversion from their website, Ron and Lisa (aka "The Healthy Home Dream Team") found vCita's LiveSite and broke new grounds. Find out how this award winning team leverage vCita and pave the way to a healthier website and a stronger online presence.

Passion turned to business
Award winning experts and authors Ron and Lisa Beres have been nicknamed "The Healthy Home Dream Team." Their unique business came to be when Lisa experienced  first-hand how our living environment affects our health and well-being, and transformed her home into a healthy haven.
Following their personal experience, the Beres couple found a new calling and set out on a mission to help other homeowners furnish, clean, and maintain their homes, removing toxins from the household and improving their health and well-being.
Impressed with their extraordinary profession and passion, we set out to hear how the Healthy Home duo leverage vCita to engage their clients online.

Don't just drive traffic – drive action
To extend their outreach and promote their business, the Healthy Home Dream Team focuses on several marketing techniques including social media, TV and radio interviews, newsletters and Google Ads.
Their website is a significant component of their online presence, and with their various online marketing efforts they have managed to drive a large amount of traffic to it. But that's just the first step.
"When driving traffic to your website," explains Lisa, "you need to have a strong call-to-action that appeals to your visitors. We recognized that not having a distinct, compelling call-to-action was causing us a lot of lost business, and realized that vCita can give us just that."
Adding vCita's LiveSite to their Wordpress website proved to be a great way to increase engagement and maximize the amount of visitors that take action on the website. With LiveSite, potential clients are greeted by a mobile-friendly invitation that allows them to easily leave their details, request a call-back or schedule phone or home consultations. "The LiveSite widget is very eye-catching and gorgeous," says Lisa. "We've seen a great increase in clients that actually contact us through our site."
When searching for tools drive more website visitors to interact with them, the Beres knew that a mobile-friendly solution was a must-have. "Targeting mobile users was important for us, and something that we hadn’t done before," shares Lisa. "I love how out-of-the-box vCita is. The fact that it came as a mobile-optimized platform, without us having to do anything extra to set that up, was amazing."
Potential clients are greeted by a mobile-friendly invitation to leave their details or schedule a consult.

In relation to client relations
When asked about interaction with potential clients, Lisa shares that the first touch is usually via email, followed by a phone call and then a face-to-face meeting in the client's home. Lisa found vCita to be incredibly effective and a real time-saver in scheduling these calls and home consults.
With vCita connected to Ron and Lisa's website on one end and to their Gmail Calendar on the other, potential clients can now easily book a phone or in-person appointment online. They simply choose the service they would like to schedule and the time that works for them.
Upon booking the appointment, a confirmation email with a calendar invite is automatically sent to both sides. Clients can view the appointment location and details, send a last minute message, share a photo or a document or reschedule the appointment if needed. They also receive a reminder via both email and SMS prior to the appointment, resulting in a decrease in no-shows and dropped appointments.
Clients simply choose the service they would like to schedule and a time that works for them.

Time well saved
Automating the scheduling process and allowing it to take place online rather than over the phone saves Ron and Lisa a great deal of time. "As a small business owner," Lisa touches on an important point, "you wear so many hats and deal with so many tasks at once. vCita helps us save valuable time on scheduling, rescheduling, reminding, etc - freeing us up to focus on other things."
To complete the cycle, vCita also functions as a CRM where all client information and activity history is stored - allowing Ron and Lisa to track incoming leads and keep in touch with clients.
“Overall,” Lisa sums up their experience with vCita so far, “we’ve definitely taken our online interaction with clients to the next level.”

A special thanks to Ron and Lisa Beres for sharing their story.
Check them out on their website and Facebook.


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