Join our webinar - creating events and classes with vCita

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Join our webinar - creating events and classes with vCita

Join our webinar on Jan 27 at 11:30AM EST and learn how to generate more business opportunities by managing your event registration online.

We’re excited to announce that you can now create and manage events and classes with multiple participants.

On the agenda: 
- Real-life use cases: examples from businesses just like you 
- Product walk-through: creating events and classes with vCita 
- Future enhancements: more features coming up 
- Q&A: your questions answered

vCita events and classes module allows you to:
-  Schedule a one-time event or a series of classes
- Invite clients to self-register online or register them yourself
- Collect payment upfront as part of the registration process
- Automate confirmations and reminders to ensure participation
- Track registration and payment status on your mobile in real-time
- And much more...

Space is limited so sign up today to reserve your spot.


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