7 Growth Hacking Tools that Every Solopreneur Should Know

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7 Growth Hacking Tools that Every Solopreneur Should Know

All solopreneurs want their company to grow, but most of the time it is considered as a challenging task.

They think that they lack the knowledge, time, or resources to achieve the targeted growth.

Fortunately, a number of growth hacking tools are readily available that can make taking control of the company, as well as growing and gaining more clients and customers a far simpler matter

     Google Analytics


One of the top tools for growth hacking is certainly Colibri.io. It is full of features that can help solopreneurs find more opportunties, monitor their SEO and content marketing, and increase the visibility of their brand.

The tool will allow you to monitor what people are saying about your brand on a variety of social media networks including Twitter and Facebook. It can also provide information from forums, review sites, blogs, and other sharing sites.

You will know who is talking about your brand, and this can make it easier to engage with customers and to head off any potential problems. You can also find out what people are saying about your competitors to learn how they do business.

It will allow you to find more easily people who are looking for the products and services you offer, even if they are not looking for your brand specifically. Monitor search engine rankings, find keyword opportunities, analyze your on-page SEO, discover your best landing pages, find quality articles for sharing, and much more.

They offer a 14-day free trial to test out all of the features that it offers. After the trial ends, the price per month is $95, which could be steep to some of the smaller solopreneurs out there. However, you can take advantage of the trial to see whether it is a tool that will actually be beneficial enough to warrant the price.

This tool is currently in beta, but it is worth checking out. All of the people in the beta will receive 25 free credits (a credit is equal to one URL). They also have volume pricing, which is subject to change from the beta prices.

The tool makes researching potential leads much easier, and it helps to provide the solopreneurs with better quality leads. Users can build their own high-quality list of leads in a cost efficient way. You can buy the number of credits you need, so you are not locked into any kind of service. Use it as you need. The tool extracts data and opportunities for leads from the web, and it makes it much easier to find accurate and up to date contact information for new and even existing leads.

Consider the amount of time that it would take to do all of this manually, and it becomes easy to see why this tool is such a good option for solopreneurs trying to grow their list of leads.

Each of the visitors to your website is different, but too often, businesses treat everyone the same. The visitors could have any number of reasons for abandoning the site and "bouncing", but this tool helps to convert those visitors into actual customers thanks to its "Exit Intent Technology".

It installs quickly and easily, and will allow the user to test calls-to-action. Ultimately, it will help the customers who are leaving the site to actually engage before they leave. It is customized for your site and for your visitors, and has proven to be a success for many solopreneurs out there.

The company provides a free demo so you can get hands-on time with the system to see exactly how it works. After the free demo, they offer custom pricing based on your needs.

Google Analytics is one of the tools for solopreneurs that can't be missed. A business of any size will benefit from using the free tool. Users can track queries, find traffic sources, and discover what parts of their site are working well to attract and convert followers and which areas and pages may need to be reworked.

It also offers a number of robust reporting tools, such as acquisition reporting, audience reporting, and benchmark reports. All of this information can provide the user with a much better overall picture of how people see and use their site, making it easier to find ways to improve.

In addition to the free standard version, Google also offers a premium version that includes a dedicated account manager, live technical support, training, and more. However, the premium option is impractical for the solopreneur due to the cost. It's currently $150,000 per year and is geared toward much larger businesses.

This tool provides the entrepreneur with some incredible insights into their websites, which can have a huge effect on their rate of growth. While it has some similarities to Google Analytics, many find this to be easier to use, and to have more features that are particularly useful.

Users will be able to analyze data from their website to understand better how their customers are interacting with the site. It doesn't merely count page views; it provides a deeper insight into the customers. The tool also features a number of reports, A/B testing, path reports, revenue reports, and more.

One of the big differences between this tool and Google Analytics, other than some of the features, is the pricing. The standard version of Google Analytics is free, but the pricing for KISSmetrics starts at $200 a month for the starter service.

For those solopreneurs just starting out, this could be out of their price range. It may be a tool that they eventually want to "graduate" to, though.

Any solopreneur today should be well aware of the importance of mobile. Not only do they need to make sure that their sites are mobile friendly and have a good interface for many different types of devices, but they also need to know how to tap into this area for additional growth. The tool provides better analytics geared toward making your mobile marketing more successful.

It also provides you with a wealth of data including clicks, conversion rates, loyal users, push and pull APIs, organic and nonorganic installs, and any custom in-app metrics. They have a demo available through their site, and it is worth looking into for those who want to make the most of mobile.

This tool will allow you to determine which pieces of your online content are working well and which ones are not. It can help you locate and identify influencers in your particular field, as well.

It's a great tool for solopreneurs who are trying to improve their marketing through the use of online content, which is nearly everyone who starts a business today. The company has several different pricing tiers based on your needs, and they do offer a 14-day free trial to test the service.

Final Word

Each of these tools can help the solopreneur to grow his or her business. The competition is not getting any lighter. Therefore, taking advantage of these tools to increase your brand recognition and to get a better idea of what your customers actually want will help immensely.

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Mariame is in charge of the content marketing and public relations at Cloudswave. She loves writing about entrepreneurship and marketing. Always seeking new experiences, she spent two years in France learning mathematics and mechanical engineering and participating in theater plays. Passionate by both engineering and business, she holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and Management Science and a Master's degree in Business Administration with honors from Al Akhawayn University. Mariame loves theater, dance, watching movies and eating ice-cream.


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