How to Avoid Website Mistakes Accountants Always Make

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How to Avoid Website Mistakes Accountants Always Make


Just like the sun rising and setting each day, there are mistakes that accountants continue to make on their websites. Be among the top percentile by fixing these goofs now and present yourself in the best light. These tips will help you rise to the top.

Differentiate Yourself!
There are hundreds of other accounting firms all vying for the same client. Typically accounting sites use similar stock photography and offer similar content. It’s tough to tell one from another. Even though you may see your site as different from the rest, try to view your site through the lens of the prospective client. They see you differently.

Set yourself apart by discussing your strengths and what makes your accounting practice different from the rest. Identify the industries where your expertise shines and try to limit it to 3 to 4 specialties as too many look more like a menu and your visitor will begin to wander.

Share achievements such as awards, accreditations and other credentials. Add logos or badges to let visitors know you are qualified. Add professional/association memberships. A great place to add these logos and badges is in the footer so they appear on every page, building trust and credibility with the visitor.

Include client testimonials and case studies demonstrating your abilities. Keep the case studies short and describe a problem and how you solved it in clear, concise language. Client testimonials and case studies can be strong influencers on a prospective client, especially if it is a client in the same industry or niche or has a similar issue to be solved. You can even add a client’s page and depict their logos to show the breadth of your clientele.

Avoid Jargon and “Me-Me-Me!”
Stay away from industry jargon. Remember, not everyone knows what an accrual or write-down is so keep the language in the vernacular of the audience. Incomprehensible language is scanned, skipped and dismissed. No one wants to look up the meaning of a word while perusing a site.  In short, keep it simple so anyone and everyone understands.

And don’t make the “all about me” mistake. Starting every sentence with “I” is boring and often a reason visitors exit. Instead, go to sites you like and take note of the content. See that sentences can be constructed by not starting with “I” and that these sentences can have greater impact.  For instance, this blog post!

Offer Multiple Pathways to Connect
When you welcome a visitor to your website, what do you ultimately want them to do? Contact you, of course! Most accountants only offer one pathway to connect and that’s a telephone number or email address. The expectation is that the visitor will take the time to jot down the phone number or email and remember to connect the next day to set an appointment. Seriously? With hectic work schedules, daycare, commuting and a dozen other obligations the average person manages to deal with daily, you really expect them to remember to call?

Give your visitors an easy way to connect—right from your website. By adding a simple online scheduling, messaging or click to call call-to-action tool, accountants can increase engagement 200% to 300%. You can further differentiate yourself by providing amazing customer service by receiving email alerts to new client inquiries and responding immediately. Or send clients automated reminders for appointments that have been set. Systems like this can help you differentiate your business, provide amazing customer service and engage with more online visitors and convert them to long-standing clients.

Look to vCita LiveSite to tie this together with online scheduling, messaging, click to call tools to increase engagement. Then take it to the next level by leveraging the client management, document management and online payment features. See what vCita LiveSite can do for you. Register for a free trial today.

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