How SMBs Make More Money With Mobile

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How SMBs Make More Money With Mobile


A report by SMB Group found that SMBs were adopting mobile solutions at a fast and furious pace. SMB Group research indicates that 67% of SMBs now view mobile solutions and services as "critical" to their businesses and they are adopting mobile apps as a part of their every days business management.

SMBs recognize that going mobile gives businesses the ability to pick up any device and have instant access to all aspects of the business. Information is available with a swipe or a click and follows the business owner anywhere, across all devices. Small businesses are recognizing the need to manage their business via mobile, and many are realizing that they need to transact business via mobile to keep up with the ever-evolving and demanding customer base. And, you can have it both ways.

First SMBs need to optimize their websites for mobile. This is an imperative to stay viable.

Then offer services that enable customers to transact business using any device—laptop, smartphone or tablet. According to T-Mobile, 20% of worldwide payment transactions are made via a mobile device so the ability to transact business is vital! The customer must be able to engage with a business anytime, anywhere from any device— whether it's to schedule a meeting, view an invoice, remit an online payment or send a message. The customer can engage 24/7 and receives instant gratification by confirming the appointment or remitting payment on their terms. No voicemails or jotting down phone numbers or sending emails that get lost the next day. No checks to write and envelopes to mail.

Offering online engagement vehicles is easy and most of all, revenue-generating for the small business. Adding 24/7 communication channels gives the customer power and gives you an edge against the competitor with the website offering a phone number or email as the only contact methods during business hours.

vCita LiveSite offers an easy and convenient way for customers to engage 24/7. Your customers can book online appointments, send messages, share documents and pay online anytime. You win as office hours suddenly become 24/7 as your business never closes! And it's all automated. As the business owner,  you also get notified of every payment, messaging, appointment and more on your mobile device. It's not a one-way interaction. Your customers can transact business and you can better manage your business—all from your mobile device.

Try vCita LiveSite today and see how easy you can transact business online on a desktop, laptop or mobile device without lifting a finger! Get a free trial today.

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