How to Run Your Entire Business from a Mobile Device

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How to Run Your Entire Business from a Mobile Device

The growth of mobile is accelerating at a rapid pace with global mobile data traffic growing 69% in 2014 and almost half a billion (497 million) mobile devices and connections were added in 2014. Global mobile devices and connections in 2014 grew to 7.4 billion, up from 6.9 billion in 2013. Smartphones accounted for nearly 88% of that growth!
And aligned with this growth, the demand to access business information and applications through mobile technologies such as Apple iPhone and iPad, Android and even BlackBerry is increasing.  However, in contrast to the personal mobile user, the information needed for business can be quite complex— from accounting information to presentations and documents—and it must be available at the same lightning speed as uploading a photo or sending a text to your BFF. Fortunately, the cloud has made access available anytime, from anywhere with ever-increasing speed.
 Nowadays, a small business owner can run their business entirely from their smartphone or tablet. It’s true! A PeoplePerHour poll found that 73% of business owners use apps to run their businesses on a daily basis.
One of the biggest advantages is the freedom mobility brings to the business owner. Mobile technology offers business owners and employees to use company data and resources without being tied to a single location. Whether you’re travelling to meet a customer or working from home, mobile devices can keep you on the pulse of your business 24 hours a day. Another advantage is that mobile devices can change the way a company does business. It promotes new ways of doing business, new ways to communicate and new ways to better serve clients. Mobile technology can increase productivity and lead to increased profitability.
Running your business from a mobile device is doable, especially if the app is designed for mobile and designed with you and your business in mind.
This is exactly what vCita has done. We’re pleased to introduce a completely redesigned vCita LiveSite application and mobile app. The application is responsive, adjusting to whatever device you use—whether a desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet. The dashboard is elegant, even easier to use, designed to offer fluid movement so you don’t have to waste time searching.  No matter where you are or what device you use, vCita has made it even easier for you to better manage your business.
Imagine that you’re out of the office traveling from one client site to the next. You’re on your way to your next appointment, but you need to:
·         Send a quote as soon as possible to cinch a big deal
·         Set another meeting date to finalize a contract
·         Answer an urgent customer service issue
·         Forward a copy of a past due invoice to a client
·         Check the payment status of an account
·         Share or review a client document
You can do any and all of this with ease using vCita LiveSite directly from your smartphone or tablet. Schedule appointments online, respond to inquiries, finalize invoices, share documents and check on the status of online payments—directly from any mobile device. The possibilities are endless.
Stop being chained to your office. Demand the freedom to run your business and do business using any device you choose. It’s your business! You call the shots!

Run your business while on the run. Try vCita LiveSite and see for yourself with a free trial. Download the app on Google play or in the Apple Store.  

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