How to Become an Employee CEOs Don’t Want to Lose

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How to Become an Employee CEOs Don’t Want to Lose

According to a lot of managers, there is no employee that can be deemed irreplaceable. Despite this, there are some staff who already have experiences and skills that are very vital to the operations of a company. It is very easy to find an experienced employee but it is hard to find someone who has competent professional and personal skills that will be beneficial for a company.

In today's competitive business industry, it takes more than kissing up to the boss to prove that you are a valuable employee in your organization. Here are some ways on how you can become an employee that CEOs do not want to lose: 

Think beyond your job description.

A great employee is someone who is self motivated. He does not limit himself to doing only what his job description entails. Many experts recommend that employees must invest time and effort in developing transferable skills. These are skills that can be used in various departments, positions and companies. Some of the skills that you must learn include critical thinking, verbal skills, teamwork, organization and coordination. 

Know information about other departments.

As mentioned above, it is never a great idea to just stick on your department alone. If you wish to be valuable to the organization, you must also take some time to learn to know more about the processes that are done outside of your department. You can try talking with some of your colleagues from other departments. If you have some creative ideas, you can share to them too. With this type of conversation, your colleagues will see you as an engaged and motivated member of your company. 

Be open to change.

Many people say that change is the only thing in this world and that cannot be anymore true in the business industry. There will always come a time when all the business processes will be improved or changed. Instead of sticking to what was, learn to love and embrace what will be. Always be open to change and show your boss how flexible you are. By doing this, they will see you as an employee who are willing to adapt to your growing company.

Think like a shareholder.

If you want to be bigger than who you are, then think beyond who you are. Perceive yourself as a valuable part of the company and act as if you will be getting benefits like a shareholder. When you do this, you will think like one and you will be more curious as to what you can do to help improve the business. Focus on strategies as you go through your everyday tasks.

Be a lifelong learner. 

A great and valuable employee is someone who never cease to learn and develop his skills. Thanks to online courses and educational platforms, learning is now made more easy. Just simply take advantage of these available resources and you will surely be able to start working on being an irreplaceable employee.

To become a valuable part of your organization, you have to apply the tips given above on a regular basis. Regardless of what industry you are in, you can surely find these tips widely useful.

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Patrick Del Rosario 
Community Outreach, 
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