New vCita dashboard and mobile client management app coming soon!

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New vCita dashboard and mobile client management app coming soon!

After several months of planning and designing, it’s time to share that we are working a complete redesign of the vCita business application interface, as well as the addition of a mobile app!

The new responsive business interface is designed to offer a standard and intuitive experience for your business on any device – desktop, tablet and mobile. Most importantly, it will now be easier to track client interactions, manage your schedule, payments and documents from any mobile device.

Even when you are on the go, vCita will notify you for any client request and the ability to review, respond, confirm and reschedule appointments (and more) is right at the tip of your fingers.

So, when will it be ready?

This is a big change in our application and we want to make sure we roll it out gradually.
If you’re interested in being one of the first users to test the new application - please register here.
We expect a beta version of the new interface to be available toward the end of July.

If you are a vCita Partner, your accounts will not yet be affected by this change.

Following the initial beta we will gradually roll out the new business interface to all vCita customers.

We are very excited and hope you will enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed building it!

Here is a sneak peek of the new Business interface on mobile and desktop:

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  1. Very excited to see this! Thank you - should be a fantastic improvement in user experience, especially on the admin side of things. Good work!