Make Your Email Campaigns More Effective

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Make Your Email Campaigns More Effective

According to Yesmail's report, "Email Marketing Compass: A Year in Review," 53% of recipients
who opened or clicked an email message in the last three months have been subscribed to a marketer's mailing program for more than a year, followed by 3-12 months (26%) and within the last 90 days (21%).

Active subscribers are also opening more emails than ever — the number of opens for each active subscriber has increased by 6% year over year— despite the fact that Yesmail data indicates that our inbox continues to fill (the number of emails being sent to subscribers has grown by more than 9% year over year). Email open rates on the whole are trending down to just 3%.

The decision to click is becoming more and more selective. Active subscribers are consistently opening, but clicking less and less. To combat this trend, marketers strive to increase the size of their active database by segmenting their subscribers based on activity (e.g. last opened/clicked) and tenure (e.g.; how recently a subscriber has opted into a marketer's email program).  This practice can be helpful in terms of email deliverability, which is even more of a challenge, especially during the holiday season when frequency of mailing can increase by up to 30%.

Marketers can enhance their emails with easy to use calls-to-action that effortlessly guide the reader to an action—booking a free demo, setting a date for a consultation or phone call, making a payment or some other action.  Adding simple calls-to-action such as a link to online scheduling or a "Pay Now" online payments form or a button to share a document, can help increase email response rates 48% to 70%. Amazing isn't it? One vCita client increased response rates to 70% and saved more than 150 hours of coordination time to schedule meetings with clients. Now that's effective. It's clear. vCita LiveSite calls-to-action work. Check it out and watch your emails work for you.

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