Busted! Email Laws Around the World

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Busted! Email Laws Around the World


Growing your email list and sending out emails is important to your business. Not following the rules can lead to trouble with anti spam laws — especially anti spam laws in other countries. Here's a few pointers to know about these laws so you stay on the right side of the law when emailing.

1. United States
Don't use false or misleading header information or deceptive subject lines. Always tell recipients where you are located. Include the ability to opt out and honor that request.

Spam cost American firms and consumers almost $20 billion annually according to American Economics Association.

2. Canada
Only send emails to permission-based email addresses and always identify your name and business. Record proof of signup.

85% of messages received by Internet Service Providers are classified as spam according to Return Path.

3. United Kingdom - EC Directive 2003
Don't send direct marketing emails without permission unless there is an established relationship.

4. Australia - Spam Act 2003
Don't send unsolicited emails as you must have permission first. Include a functional unsubscribe option and don't use address-harvesting software ever.

5. Germany - Federal Data Protection Act
Don't send unsolicited emails as you must have permission. Never conceal the senders identity and provide an opt-out function. Record proof of signup.

6. European Union Directive on Privacy
Consent is required before sending a commercial message. The opt-out is not only required, but it must be easy and clear. The rules for each individual country must be observed as well.

In general, always include an unsubscribe option as it is typically required. Keep your list clean to avoid any penalties. And remember to enhance your email campaigns with vCita calls-to-action. vCita gently guides the reader to take action—whether it's to book an appointment online, make a payment or share a document. You can increase email response rates by up to 70%. Learn more at www.vcita.com.

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