Web Professionals to Deliver Engagement-Focused Websites for Small Business

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Web Professionals to Deliver Engagement-Focused Websites for Small Business


Online Marketers, Web Professionals and Hosters Face Increasing Demand from Small Businesses to Offer “Big Business” Online Engagement Capabilities

SEATTLE – May 13, 2015 – For the more than 28 million small businesses (SMBs) in the U.S., research shows that 45% consider their website the most important digital marketing asset. In  2014 the number of websites built grew by 44% to nearly one billion, a number that will only increase by the end of 2015 as more businesses leverage their online presence to drive business.

Whether SMBs are creating new websites or renewing an existing one, they still largely depend on web and online marketing professionals to build out, maintain, and improve their online presence. Data gathered by leading web engagement solutions provider vCita from 16,000 small businesses over the last 12 months backs this trend, as the company found 53% of SMBs rely on a web professional to assist with their website and marketing projects. These trends, combined with large enterprises setting the tone for consumers to come to expect instant, 24/7 online service and mobile access to a business’ website, have created a challenging industry for today’s web professionals.

“We see web professionals and online marketers looking for new ways to showcase extended value to their SMB clients now more than ever before,” says Itai Sadan, CEO and co-founder of Duda, a do-it-yourself website builder for web professionals and small businesses. “Whether it’s optimizing conversion on the website or encouraging engagement, the key for them is to deliver the value that both the business and its customers are looking for.”

To meet these growing demands from SMBs for enhanced, web-based engagement tools, today vCita is releasing vCita Pro - a toolbox that empowers web professionals to enhance their small business clientele’s online presence. vCita Pro enables amazing online servicing experience with advanced engagement options that are on par with their larger, enterprise counterparts – at a fraction of the cost.

The new vCita Pro toolbox includes:

    • A variety of web-based engagement tools that include forms, appointment scheduling, online payments, document sharing, and a service portal - all connected to a simple and intuitive client management dashboard.

    • LiveSite widget – a fully responsive, mobile-ready widget that fits the business website and brand with no coding required. LiveSite widget is already installed on more than 50,000 small business websites and is optimizing conversion from a website visitor to a business lead.

    • LiveSite SDK that offers maximum flexibility and customization options for web professionals to fit vCita calls to action into any layout or website template.

    • Full partner dashboard to manage client accounts and billing.

    • White Label version for larger partners to resell vCita under their own domain and brand.

    • Ability to offer free 30-day trial and receive revenue share for vCita LiveSite premium packages.

"In today's competitive environment, conversion, engagement and servicing should be a part of any SMB website, and the pressure is on web professionals to deliver," said Itzik Levy, founder and CEO of vCita. "vCita Pro allows our partners to create a significant differentiator – an engaging, personalized online presence that their customers will appreciate.”

Currently, vCita LiveSite technology helps over 100,000 small businesses worldwide engage potential clients and encourage action online. The company serves a global community of over 8,500 online marketing, web design and web professionals.

For more information on vCita Partner Programs and how online web technology professionals can leverage vCita to improve their offering to the small business community, please visit https://www.vcita.com/partners.

About vCita
vCita (www.vcita.com) is the leader in web engagement software for small business. The vCita LiveSite platform redefines small business by driving more opportunities from the web, mobile, email and social. Businesses can extend their brand, drive more clients to engage and deliver amazing service with the LiveSite portal. The self-service portal offers messaging, online scheduling, payments, invoicing and file sharing anytime, on any device. vCita increases the effectiveness of any web presence, strengthens customer relationships and provides a personalized experience clients have come to expect. Visit vCita at www.vcita.com, email sales@vcita.com or call 855.824.8244.

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