Content Marketing Tips

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Content Marketing Tips


Content marketing is still in it's early stages, but those doing well are doing extremely well. Face-to-face relationships are waning while relationships built online are growing exponentially. If you are making these mistakes, you aren't building relationships and you aren't helping your SEO.

Failing to Reach Your Audience
According to experts, content marketers must research the demographics of both current and potential customers. Content on the website and in blogs should be balanced between those who are current customers and those who merely visit the site and blog because it's educational, solving a problem, humorous or inspirational. Getting the right balance of content that appeals to both audiences can be a challenge, but it's worth the investment. Another mistake in content marketing is appealing to a vast audience rather than to your customer base.

Not Keeping it Fresh
Websites should not be static as new content is appealing, refreshing. This also goes for any schedule you may  have for blog postings. Followers come to expect new content on a given day of each week. If the blog goes dormant, you lose your audience. Marketers must continue to do research to get fresh content or invite guest bloggers so there is always something new. Or take a previous post and put a new spin on it as you never know what will come of it. And mix it up with info graphics with great images -- not everyone likes reading text.

Failing to Measure
Keep track of your traffic -- how many people are coming in from Facebook, from Twitter, from email newsletters? Google Analytics does a fair job providing this information and it's free.

Not Making Content Mobile-Friendly
Tablets, Phablets and iPhones are here to stay and the number of users is increasing every moment. Some experts advise to use demographic research to know the percentages of audiences using PCs, tablets or smartphones and what times of the day these devices are in use. Fitting content spread to devices is key to maintaining and growing an audience.

Using the Wrong Voice, Style
Content should be conversational and use simple sentence structure and vocabulary. First-person voice, human interest and humor will help develop a more intimate relationship with your audience. Keeps sentences shorter -- with a maximum length of 17 words. It is too much work to read three syllable words in a 57 word sentence and remember what the point of the sentence.

Focusing on Sales
Businesses achieve brand loyalty by building relationships and sharing good information, not through repeated pressure to buy. Your content marketing strategy should provide information, education and new ideas, adding some humor, anecdotes and other media to market the company and its brand. And consider adding a very soft sell at the conclusion by tying in your service or product. Adding a call-to-action to learn more or invite the reader for a free demonstration or trial. Adding a "book a demo now" online scheduling button or another call-to-action will also encourage engagement and will not lessen the impact of your content.

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