Reduce No-Shows with Automated Text (SMS) Reminders

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Reduce No-Shows with Automated Text (SMS) Reminders

vCita is pleased to announce the latest feature to LiveSite. Now you can set automated meeting text (SMS) and email reminders to clients. Automated reminders are easy to do and have shown to significantly reduce no-shows. So why not remind your clients of appointments by email, text messaging or both?

It's so easy. By default, one email reminder will be sent 15 minutes before the appointment. Now you can change this setting and set two different reminders—one email and one text— and choose how long in advance the reminder will be sent. vCita text and email reminders is easy to use and extremely flexible. Your clients will love it.

Simply adjust the settings in Email & Notifications in your dashboard. You can then choose the time for up to two reminders—choose the day before, an hour before or even 15 minutes—whatever fits your business.

When you enable text (SMS) reminders, a phone number field will be automatically added to the contact form clients are required to complete at the time of scheduling.   The phone field is not mandatory, but you can change this to a requirement so you can text reminders. The client will see a note that a text reminder will be sent upon providing their mobile phone number.

This lastest feature to Online Scheduling is available now. 

Even if your clients don't book appointments online, you can use this online calendar for your appointments and automatically have vCita text your client a reminder. You can eliminate no-shows and easily remind clients in one quick process! This is perfect for doctor, dentist or any healthcare appointment to other services such as plumbing and so on!

Text reminders is just one of the many conveniences LiveSite offers to streamline your business, improve productivity and generate revenue. For more information, visit our Support Forum

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