Drive More Traffic: The Building Blocks to Getting Found Online

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Drive More Traffic: The Building Blocks to Getting Found Online

Guest blogpost | Kristen Kuhns of Get
As a small business, do you ever find yourself falling into the trap of detailing a task to death? That is, continuing to get every last detail to ensure precision execution? Then one day you realize you're still circling the wagons and haven't moved forward at all?

This is often a stalling tactic to avoid doing the things we dislike, fear or just don't want to do.  For example, I am often guilty of spending far too much testing and playing with new software or tweaking  graphics to get things just right. What I really should be doing is picking up the phone or hitting the pavement.

Unfortunately, small businesses stall when it comes to working on SEO or social medial. I'm unsure if we stall because we want to do it right or don't want to do it at all. SEO and social media are two tools that a lot of SMBs set aside for whatever reasons.

SEO and social media are among the least costly ways to drive traffic to your site and engage with potential customers or encourage existing customers to return. Yet so many small businesses think that having a website is enough or perhaps they've even gone so far as to create a Facebook page, but rarely post on it. It's no surprise, except to the business that no one is visiting and nothing is happening in these arenas.

Your business website is your calling card on the Internet. Especially with the advances being made in mobile, if you are not able to be found online—you are MISSING OUT on sales. It's a rare company that doesn't want more sales and one that will probably not be in business long. If you are lucky enough to be in that position, where you just don't need to drive new traffic and have no plans for expansion, you are still missing opportunities to reward loyal customers and be an active participant in your local community.

Every Business Needs SEO & Social Media.

You need to be found. You need to be accessible to your customers and clients. They expect it. They deserve it.

SEO is the strategy of putting the correct building blocks together so that the search engines can find and index your site. This is how people searching for whatever products or services you are selling find you. Social is another way to reach out and interact directly with customers and clients, and market what you're selling. Avoiding paying attention to them is almost as bad or worse than having your phone number and address printed incorrectly in the Yellow Pages.

Even if You Build it, They Won't Come if They Can't Find You.

SEO needn't be overwhelming. Best practice articles on how to get started are plentiful on the Internet. Even if some of the articles seem too "technical" for you and you aren't using a webmaster, the best thing that you can do is to create a website with your customers in mind.

Is it clear what you're selling? Is your location and contact information easy for them to find? Does your site talk about your services and what you're knowledgeable about? Do you use the key phrases that someone searching for your goods and services would use? Is your site friendly to use and fast to load? Can they easily buy/order from your site?
Nor does social need to feel burdensome. Put together a simple editorial calendar. Use local events, holidays, and your marketing calendar (coupons, sales, etc.) to promote your products and things going on in your community or area of expertise. Things of interest that your customers would find useful position you as a contributor to the aggregate knowledge of your niche, and help people find you.

Don't skip SEO. Don't overlook social. Mobile gives people directories at their fingertips when they are near your office or looking for a product or service to buy. Don't miss those sales!

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Kristen Kuhns is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Get Social Biz! Get Social Biz is a social media and reputation management consultancy focusing on helping small businesses build and manage their online presence. Kristen offers extensive experience helping small and large companies alike broaden awareness, increase exposure and enhance search engine rankings. Kristen is based near California's tech mecca and serves clients throughout the US. For more information, contact Kristen at

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