5 Signs Your Website is Awesome

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5 Signs Your Website is Awesome

You know your website it awesome when:

1. It Passes Google's Mobile Friendly Test

Only those in a state of suspended animation would not understand the importance of navigating the web on a smartphone. This means your site renders properly regardless of the device the visitor is using.

Whether the site offers responsive or adaptive design or an m.dot site, the point is that it must pass Google's mobile-friendly test. Those that have are way ahead of the curve.

On April 21, Google will be expanding its usage of mobile-friendly factors in its search algorithm. Businesses without a mobile-friendly website will not remain competitive in Google's search engine results pages. As they will not receive a mobile-friendly label, and this will result in less than expected SEO results.

2. It Immediately Tells a Visitor What It Offers

For most first-time visitors to your website,  there is a significant percentage that are unfamiliar with your what your company does. The visitor may have an idea, but brands must sell themselves and they must sell themselves in an instant. In a recent Monetate e-Commerce Quarterly report, within the first minute of an online shopping session, brands lose 30 percent of their site visitors. This means 30 percent are bouncing out of your site immediately after arriving. To keep visitors, your website needs have strong, clear copy and the design cannot distract from the messaging.

3. It Loads Quickly

Visitors want a website to load fast -- usually in less than 2 to 3 seconds. Most pages don't even come close to these expectations. Keeping the page simple helps keep the size down, contributing to a faster load time. Not adding too many images and for those that you do, optimize them as this can help as well.

To test load time, check out Google PageSpeed Insights.

4. It Displays Credibility

Client lists, security seals, testimonials, reviews—all help to increase credibility. Businesses displaying these types of social proof at a quick glance are poised for higher conversions as visitors deem them more trustworthy than competitors without such evidence.

Be careful though not to clutter your site when adding evidence to support credibility. It can quickly muck up the design and increase load time. Play with the design so they support your messaging and help increase conversions.

5. It has Clear Calls-to-Action

This ingredient is the most often overlooked when evaluating whether your website is "awesome." Your site is fast, mobile-friendly, demonstrates credibility and explains your business in five seconds. Now what?

Tell the visitor what to do by adding easy to understand calls-to-action. Don't wait for the visitor to find a pen and paper to jot down your contact info and play the odds that they call. Instead, add a "Schedule an Appointment" or "Book a Meeting" button to your website. You can at least double your sales opportunities by adding this simple call-to-action. And you can add it to email campaigns and social to strengthen engagement in those channels as well. These calls-to-action transform your website into a LiveSite, engaging more online visitors than before. To learn more, visit LiveSite and register today.

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