Social Media and Client Engagement: A Perfect Marriage

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Social Media and Client Engagement: A Perfect Marriage

A guest post by Jennifer Gardella, PhD:

You have your website set-up with LiveSite ready to go.  Your website content is clearly written and you are blogging on a regular basis.  You are able to move around in the LiveSite CRM system.  

But….no one is visiting your site.  All you hear is crickets… media to the rescue.

As a social media consultant, I  know you may be as a small business owner you are overwhelmed by the idea of getting started or moving forward on social media. You are probably also bombarded by sales calls from companies wanting to do it all for you.  So where do you start, what do you do, and then how do you get it done still remains a mystery.  No problem. Let me help you navigate your way through social media maze.

I have taken clients to the first page of Google search results using social media.  With a strategic plan, your accounts can be set-up and, connected to the right people. Then you can move forward being social, promoting yourself as an expert and your business as the go-to-place for your goods and services. How?  It is easy if you break it down:

Set-up Your Accounts

Just setting up your account can be a daunting task.  Knowing which sites to use and how to write each profile can be complicated.  You need to know the culture of each site and then how to position you and/or your business.  Make sure your profiles are all uniquely written, well connected to one another, with a common theme, logo or picture.  Your profile should include a clear way for individuals to get in touch with you.

Connect to the Right People
Your social media profiles are useless unless they are connected to others. This can be a tricky dance. First, I know you want a million followers right now, but that’s not going to happen.  Your connections need to build naturally over time.  

Second, it's natural to want to buy connections, Facebook likes and Twitter followers. Do not buy links!  While you can substantially increase your presence, you will just have a bunch of fake accounts following you.  Platforms are tracking fake accounts and are shutting them down.

So how do you connect with the right people? Well, connect to me!  I love to connect! Connect to others in your networking groups and others you meet at events. You can look for friends, old business acquaintances, neighbors, other small business owners, local politicians, board members and volunteer from charities you are involved in. That's how you start connecting and it naturally extends.

Then of course there is the process of actually being social.  You need content to share and a plan to share it on a regular basis.  Half of it should be yours and half should be the content of others.  You should share your website articles and blog posts, specials and pictures from your day. Also remember, what you share should somehow relate to what you do and tell your connections how you can help solve their problems. Remember to tell the visitor what you want them to do so add calls-to-action in every blog post, social message and tweet. Include a “schedule now” button  or “view a demo” button in your blog post will help viewers engage, and hopefully, they will also continue to share. If you have a detailed editorial calendar you can map out direction for your social sharing so you make sure to hit all the holidays.
Executing a strategic social media plan to drive traffic to your website takes time to develop and even longer to build.  You need clear direction and often, an expert help ensure you maximize your effort (and of course, someone available for have support).

I was honored when asked to present a webinar to review these steps, how they can blend with the LiveSite system, and most importantly answer your questions about social media! 

Please join me on March 26 at 9am PT/ Noon ET for "Killing It In Social." I’ll discuss how to develop a plan for social media, position your small business as the expert and become the go-to place for services. I’ll walk you through the basic structure of an organized social media plan and how to increase engagement with calls-to-action within the world of social media. One attendee will win a 30-minute consult with me and every attendee will get a 7-day trial to 

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