Online Payment Options Offer Customers More

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Online Payment Options Offer Customers More

You've probably heard a lot lately about our launch of the latest LiveSite feature: Online Payments. If you haven't heard, here's your chance to catch up.

There are a lot of online payment options, but most are difficult and/or expensive for a small business to implement. Often, it can take hiring a web developer to connect the dots to make it work. Then there are other milestones to make it work on mobile, social, etc....

Introducing LiveSite Online Payments. This innovative LiveSite feature ends any integration and implementation hassle. It gives small businesses the convenience of online credit card payments anytime, any day from anywhere — even mobile. Payments can even be made from Facebook! Plus it's fast, easy and seamless on the small business' website. SMBs will love how easy and cost-effective it is to implement and their clients will love the ease of use and the convenience they have come to expect with online payment systems.

Net result: small businesses now have the ability to provide online payment convenience to their clients with greater ease, at a lower cost and headache-free.  It's a win-win for the SMB and the customer. The small business can choose to direct payments through PayPal or directly to their bank account.

Pair Online Payments by adding a "Pay Now" button on your website, within your email campaigns or e-invoices. Imagine crating an invoice template for your customer with a "Pay Now" button in the statement. Your client receives the e-invoice and pays using a credit card through their mobile phone. Funds are automatically directed to the account of your choice. Payment information is automatically collected in your vCita CRM and a payment confirmation is sent to the client and you are notified by text or email. SMBs can make it effortless for customers to pay while easily accelerating their revenue stream.

LiveSite Online Payments works on any website, on any platform. You can add it to any custom or DIY site—it's easy to install.To learn more, visit LiveSite Online Payments.

To install on WordPress, click here.
To install on Wix, click here.
To install on other platforms, click here.

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