Move Over Square, Here Comes vCita LiveSite Online Payments!

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Move Over Square, Here Comes vCita LiveSite Online Payments!

As published in Small Business Trends | March 4 by Joshua Sophy

If you’re opening an online store, there are plenty of options for taking payments. Some platforms like Square Market even offer you the option to set up an online store free.

But for service-based small businesses, taking payments on your website requires a little creative thinking and a little Web know-how sometimes.

With its new LiveSite Online Payments platform, vCita hopes to entice small business owners that have a website but aren’t yet using it to accept payments online. Geared toward service-based small businesses, vCita LiveSite Online Payments is a mobile-optimized, payment platform that can be installed on your site in minutes, according to a company release.  

While it is aimed at getting service businesses into the mobile payments game, those selling products could also integrate LiveSite into their sites.

The entire transaction is completed on your business’s website. When your clients arrive at your site, vCita LiveSite displays what it calls a “self-service” platform. Visitors are given options based on the services you provide. They could choose to schedule an appointment, or make a payment, or share files with just a single click.

The platform can also have your business accepting payments via Facebook or even through emails.

vCita LiveSite Online Payments allows small businesses to accept credit cards via their websites and mobile apps. The money accepted can be deposited directly into a bank account or PayPal account. And the platform built to integrate with your company’s accounting software, too, according to the official vCita blog.

Itzik Levy, the founder and CEO at vCita, says:
We’ve created a solution that is easy to use and intuitive for small businesses to efficiently offer online credit card payment options to their clients.
For small businesses today, the ability to easily accept online payments in a secure and hassle-free manner is a huge advantage that can make or break a consumer’s decision to continue the business relationship, and vCita is pleased to bridge this gap with these new capabilities.”
The vCita LiveSite platform allows your business the ability to communicate with clients and customers through vCita’s secure CRM platform.

In addition to payments, LiveSite allows businesses to share documents, communicate one-on-one, and even schedule appointments.

Customers can see a list of services and fees and choose the services and even specific staff members. And you can request additional information from your customers at any point during a transaction.

Your customers get a self-serve approach when they return to your site, too. vCita says returning customers are “automatically recognized” when they come back.

vCita LiveSite delivers notifications via emails and texts. You’ll get notice when an invoice you’ve created is overdue, or when it’s paid.

To accept payments via LiveSite, it’ll cost between $12.45 and $36.90 per month after a two-week free trial. That includes email and phone support from vCita.

Monthly plans that allow your entire team access to the platform start at $39.90. The company assigns your business a dedicated account manager with this plan.

A free version of LiveSite allows your business to share forms and a calendar with your clients as well as a click-to-call feature on your site.

This offering from vCita can be seen as competition for the heavy-hitters in easy-to-implement e-commerce solutions for service-based businesses.

Square offers businesses a similar service with its invoice payment platform, for example. But the company indicates on its blog that it also aims to complete with such providers as Xero and Sage with the vCita LiveSite offering.

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