Making Your Website Work for You

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Making Your Website Work for You

Guest blog post from Mike Wagner, Marketing Project Manager @ Markon Brand Design.

 We are a design agency in Southwest Washington. Aesthetics and functionality are paramount to us. When we commit to a web-based tool it’s because we feel it fits into the ecosystem we create on our website. It has to facilitate a process, eliminate barriers and serve our clients as much, if not more, than it serves us. Fortunately, in vCita, we found a tool that does all of those things. Even better, we found a tool that puts its own functionality over its own design, by letting us, the creative minds behind Markon Brand Design, customize its appearance. In doing so, we found a tool that seamlessly integrates into our website design and greatly enhances the experience of visiting our home on the web.

Its best feature is its versatility.  We can enable and disable features at our will, customize their appearance within the vCita app, edit their descriptions, and in doing so, tailor their utility to our needs. This is serving our clients tremendously. We work in an industry that is naturally collaborative. There is a research and exploration phase in which our designers and our clients engage one another to build the relationships, and the knowledge, necessary for us to do our work. This requires scheduling phone calls, office meetings and off site (on site for clients) visits. Sometimes it means sharing large amounts of information as well. File sharing is big in our industry. Clients send us their ideas. We send back working files. Having a channel to do this integrated into our website, right along with tools to make payments, schedule calls or appointments, and send messages is powerful.

vCita takes this a step further. Our clients can create a profile through vCita. In doing so, they provide information that is stored in a native Customer Relationship Management program - a CRM. This is phenomenal for when new clients discover you and begin to interact with you. It lets them offer their information, on their own accord, with little-to-no work on our part.

Mobile payments change the game for us, too. Our clients are often busy entrepreneurs, campaign managers or business leaders. They are not always available to stop by our office to make a payment, or even give us a timely call. What they can do is access the vCita app on our website, from their desktop or smartphone, and send a payment directly over - at any time of day. This speeds things up for them and for us and it eliminates two former barriers: time and location. Now our clients can engage with us at their convenience, when inspiration strikes.

Since we’ve integrated vCita into our website we have clients who regularly say, “okay, I’ll log on and do that!” Or “I’ll go to your site today and send that file and my payment.” “I’ll get on your site tonight and take care of everything.”

It’s a win, win for everyone involved.

As a payment channel, we value that vCita enables:

1.    Secure, anytime, mobile payments
2.    Seamless integration between vCita and our financial channels
3.    Native invoicing

As a communication tool, we value that vCita enables:

1.    Messaging that links directly to our email
2.    Appointment scheduling that sets a calendar date, time, AND sends reminders
3.    Profile management options, so that clients can build a recorded history of transactions
4.    Native CRM - so we can keep track of who we do business with
5.    FILE SHARING - because when you work in design, files get passed between client and designer frequently

When one tool provides so many utilities to both your clients and your business, you have to celebrates its efficiency and take comfort in it as an asset. When it fully, aesthetically integrates into your website, and functionally integrates into your business systems - you’ve won two-fold.

Mike Wagner is a Marketing Project Manager at Markon Brand Design. Markon Brand Design is many things. We like to think of ourselves as a single-sourced shot of creative brilliance. What you need to know is that we exist to empower others to meet their full potential. We work with brands at every point in their lifecycle - and with entrepreneurs, small-to-midsize business owners and all kinds of others. Our mix of design expertise, business acumen and ability to produce much of what we design, allows us to meet our clients print and digital needs. Learn more about us at

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