How to Work with a Web Designer

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How to Work with a Web Designer

So you've hired a web designer to create your site. Now you have to provide feedback on the designer's work.

This is not always easy. Nor is it fun. It can cause indigestion, a feeling of futility and frustration.

It is important to understand what is considered constructive feedback and what is considered useless to a web designer. Knowing the difference will help produce a positive outcome.

Shredding a designer's work won't create a better design and most likely, will undermine any possible positive results. Not giving enough feedback won't be helpful either as the designer will go off and continue along a path that you have failed to acknowledge is in the wrong direction.  Website owners need to find a happy medium between being too critical and being too passive. Leaning too much one way or another will only damage the relationship and the results will be less than acceptable.

Tip #1: Explain Why.
A designer won't understand the rationale behind a change if you just demand that the font be in red or the image be swapped without explaining why the font must be red or the image needs to be swapped. When providing feedback, make sure to evaluate the problem and clarify why it needs to be changed. This will help the designer gauge what you want in the future.

Tip #2:  Be Explicit.
If feedback is unclear, the designer is left trying to interpret what you want. Everyone needs to be specific and tell the designer or the design team what works and what doesn't. Be straightforward rather than wasting time with multiple cycles of edits.

Tip #3: Emphasize the Positive.
While it's important to identify what doesn't work, do speak out about what does work, too. A good rule of thumb is to offer at least three positive comments so the designer knows what works and has a better idea as to the direction to take.

Tip #4: Be Respectful.
Countless emails and endless edits can wear you out, but that's no excuse to be rude. Everyone involved in the design should feel comfortable to voice their thoughts and opinions in a respectful fashion. Sometimes it's tough, but try to always be constructive, not destructive when offering feedback.

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