How to Create Successful Email Campaigns

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How to Create Successful Email Campaigns

Recently Constant Contact shared a report with an interesting correlation between the effectiveness of email campaigns and the number of images and text lines that are featured.

Compiled from the analysis of over 2.1 million customer emails sent to more than 100 recipients over the course of 13 weeks, the research found that, with some industry-specific exceptions, emails with three or fewer images and approximately 20 lines of text result in the highest click-through rates from email subscribers.

Some of the findings include:

• Companies see the highest click-through rates in emails with 13 to 16 images, presumably because email subscribers expect to see visuals of the products or services being offered.

• Restaurants, salons and spas can afford to test more images of menu items or their services in their email campaigns — both industries have peak click-through rates in emails with 15 images.

• Office supply companies are best served in keeping emails concise as click-through rates peak at 15 lines of text.

No doubt, images and lines of text are strong ingredients in how an email campaign will perform. But, a strong call-to-action can also make or break an email campaign. If the campaign has a poor call-to-action, it won't be consumed by the reader.

To increase click-through rates, include a call-to-action button or link within your email campaign that directs the reader to "buy now," "schedule an appointment," "send a message,"  "pay now" or some other call-to-action. Adding a simple "schedule now" link can immediately increase business with readers taking action and scheduling online for a service or meeting.

These calls-to-action need to be simple and easy to use, and prompt the reader to engage immediately. It is not uncommon for these calls-to-action to double, even triple response rates. One client, GPL Accounting, increased response rates by 70% and reduced scheduling coordination by more than 150 hours during busy tax time. This is significant and what's most important, repeatable for any business.

By combining all three ingredients: images, number of text lines and a strong call-to-action, you can increase email campaign response rates which means more business.

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