SMB Webmasters: 3 Tips to Make Your Site Better

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SMB Webmasters: 3 Tips to Make Your Site Better


A good webmaster or web designer will always come up with new and great ideas that jump start a trend.

A great web designer or webmaster will create a balance between a new web design and the functionality of the site that is being worked on.

There are a lot of exercises for web designers/webmasters that promote ease of use and functionality, an excellent maintenance rate and great user satisfaction.

1. Easy Readable Content

Writing articles for the web is different than printed publications. Studies show that people take more
time reading books and magazines than reading web content. There was an eye-tracking study which proved that people read web content in an F-shaped form. It is not much reading, really, but more searching for keywords. So..the text on a website has to be brief and use plain English. If you are filling out the reading content on the website, you should pay attention to some factors in order to increase readability of your site.

Easy tricks include:
—Break up the text with headings. This way the content is easier to notice.
—Use short paragraphs or one idea per paragraph.
—Use bullets so readers can skim.

2. Use Quality Images & White Space

A great way to increase usability is to use clear, large, colorful images of your product or service to break up the text while showcasing your offerings. A physical therapist may use images of happy clients or a tailor may choose images of custom clothes. This seems basic, but you'd be surprised how often an irrelevant image is added to a page.

Also keep white space in mind as it's as important as the content. White space provides balance, harmony and allows the user to absorb the content easier. White space used wisely can create elegance and sophistication.

3. Faster Load Times

Google has recognized that website loading time is essential to functionality. Page Speed is adversely affected by large images, animation, videos and other large files. You can increase your site speed by optimizing image sizes and minimizing the redirects from your website.

Simple steps, but important to optimizing a website and ensuring your site is found.

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