PSG Clarity Shares How to Better Serve Your Clients

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PSG Clarity Shares How to Better Serve Your Clients

A guest blog post by Brian Kuhn, CFP, CLU, CLTC of PSG Clarity

In the world of financial planning, one individual can be responsible for the investments and personal financial goals of hundreds of households, sometimes even at least the point of contact for thousands.  Being available is crucial in maintaining those relationships for whatever happens in the markets and in the personal lives of the families.
PSG Clarity, a financial planning team in Fulton, Maryland, is always seeking ways to better serve clients. One way was to be more transparent when it came to clients wanting to book appointments to talk. We didn’t want to be playing phone tag all the time, wasting client time as there are only so many hours in the day.  We wanted technology to do that work as much as possible. And we wanted our clients to receive immediate satisfaction.

PSG Clarity implemented vCita LiveSite and so far, we have had great success. vCita Online Scheduling has delighted clients. It has been a positive step in enhancing client satisfaction and further deepening our relationship. Our clients can book appointments online at their convenience, whether it’s during office hours or relaxing after hours while watching television. PSG Clarity clients are assured we are serving their needs, offering them the convenience of anytime, anywhere on any device appointment booking. 

Here is some of the feedback I’ve received from clients using vCita:
  • “For me, scheduling appointments with people can turn into a series of back and forth emails and become really frustrating. But when I recently scheduled an appointment with Brian, I was able to quickly choose the best available time that worked for me, knowing that it also worked for Brian!” Chad in Nottingham, MD
  • "vCita has helped me grow my relationship with Brian by always knowing when I can schedule an appointment with him.  With my busy schedule, it always seems like I need a quick last minute phone call.  By accessing vCita, I can always see his availability.  After I schedule my appointment, I receive a confirmation email and it automatically adds the appointment to my Google calendar so that I will not forget."
    Jon in Burke, VA
  • I love anything, especially an appointment, I can arrange online.  Through this system it was very easy to know what time Brian had available in his very busy schedule and that I was able to work around my schedule so that it was mutually convenient.
    Elaine in Germantown, MD
It’s really satisfying when a software system actually does what it says it will do. Many make claims, but in reality, it’s often negligible at best. So far, vCita has proven itself over and over again to be a positive force for PSG Clarity.

We wish to thank Brian Kuhn for sharing his experience with vCita. Brian offers financial planning services to a broad spectrum of clients. To get a firsthand experience at the quality of service Brian provides, click here to schedule time with Brian or call Brian at 301.543.6035.

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