New Solution Makes Online Payments Simpler for Small Businesses

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New Solution Makes Online Payments Simpler for Small Businesses


As published in BetaNews | February 25, 2015 by Ian Barker

Being able to do business online is almost essential these days, but for smaller companies the mechanisms needed to accept payments can prove complex and expensive. Specialist in web client engagement software for small businesses vCita is making things simpler with the launch of its new, seamless online payment solution for service-based small businesses.

According to MasterCard's 2014 Merchant Scope study, 90 percent of small businesses have an online presence, yet only 20 percent are leveraging their websites for product or service focused transactions.

The vCita LiveSite Online Payment system eliminates these barriers by allowing small businesses to use web technology for a cost-effective and convenient online payment system that works on any internet-connected device. LiveSite Online Payments gives businesses a website-integrated, online payments solution where clients can easily pay with any credit card, at any hour, even from their mobile phone. This caters to the growing population of consumers in the US who prefer using their mobile device to pay bills.

"We've created a solution that is easy to use and intuitive for small businesses to efficiently offer online credit card payment options to their clients," says itzik Levy, founder and chief executive officer of vCita. "For small businesses today, the ability to easily accept online payments in a secure and hassle-free manner is a huge advantage that can make or break a consumer's decision to continue the business relationship, and vCita is pleased to bridge this gap with these new capabilities".

Features of LiveSite Online Payment include a Pay Now button that accepts credit card payments to be deposited straight to a bank or PayPal account. It has a customized payment form, where the business can request additional information about the customer as part of the payment process, plus a seamless user interface ensuring the client doesn’t have to leave the business' website to pay.

There are also online payment options directly from Facebook, emails, and any other online presence. A self-service portal allows returning clients to be automatically recognized and view their account, inquire or pay their balance.

For more information on the vCita online payment and other engagement options you can visit the company's website.

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