LiveSite Online Payments from vCita Offers Plug-and-Go Mobile Payments

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LiveSite Online Payments from vCita Offers Plug-and-Go Mobile Payments

As published in  Payment Week | February 26, 2015 by Steven Anderson

When it comes to mobile payments, there are certainly more than enough options to go around. A variety of different payment sources have emerged, and that means a lot of choices for the businesses looking to bring mobile payments in.

But when there are this many options, that can make actually selecting which to go with a difficult process at best. There’s a new option out from vCita, however, known as LiveSite Online Payments, and it’s looking to make the idea of mobile payments a whole lot easier to work with.

With LiveSite Online Payments, the vCita LiveSite Platform can take on the ability to take credit card payments at most any time of day and even from a mobile phone. There are also forward-facing tools allowing customers to make payments easily, and back-end tools giving merchants ready access to not only customer relationship management (CRM) tools via the vCita CRM system, but also the ability to both track and record a variety of communications, from invoicing to payments and appointments.

But the wider system also includes an array of other features that will likely prove valuable here, including a “Pay Now” button that can tie into a bank account or a PayPal account that allows credit card payments to be rapidly funneled into the account of choice.  

There’s also the ability to customize payment forms, invoice templates, lists of services, and fees, and even a complete self-service portal which allows customers to see and address any outstanding invoices or similar matters.

Early reports suggest that using vCita is a lot easier than might be expected, with Markon Brand Design’s president Kristine Neil offering some comment on how Markon’s experience went.

Neil elaborated, saying “We recently added the new payment options to our website. Our clients adapted quickly to the new addition and started making payments via our website right away. The new vCita LiveSite Payment option allows our clients to make payments towards their account instantly and easily online, without having to pay for a specific invoice through our regular accounting system. For our business, it’s allowed us to eliminate the previous payment solution from our site, because with vCita LiveSite Online Payments everything is now centralized and payments can be processed, tracked and sent directly to our bank account on the same day.”

Maybe vCita isn’t as widely known as, say, Square or the like, but vCita certainly has a lot to offer here for those businesses looking for a do-it-all platform for payments and sales.

Versatility has always been important, and vCita may have just the package that will bring  value for the end-users.

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