Increase Website Engagement -- End Online Zombie Syndrome

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Increase Website Engagement -- End Online Zombie Syndrome

There are more than 1 billion websites in the world with more than 2.7 billion Internet users. That’s nearly three websites per online user. And that number is narrowing quickly.

Users can search for products from bacon bandages to the electric nose lift or services like shipping envelopes of glitter to people you dislike to hiring someone to pretend they're your significant other. (Yes, these are real.) 

The point is there are a lot of websites offering a lot of products and services. Internet users are inundated with site after site of offerings that soon begin to blend into each other and blur into a mindless parade. This website menagerie soon turns the average website visitor into a hungry, salivating website zombie searching for meaning and the ability to engage until the next shiny website captures their attention and they move on.   

So how does a business avoid contributing to Online Zombie Syndrome—the numbing of online visitors into clicking from one site to the next? How do you differentiate your website from the rest of the 1 billion sites and spark interest? How do you awaken a zombie and encourage engagement? Remember, you have only 8 seconds to capture a zombie’s, errr visitor’s attention.

Know Your Audience
A poorly designed website with pixelated images, horrible colors, ornate fonts and poor alignment, will not capture a zombie’s attention. Plus, people buy from people and if you can identify and relate to the visitor on your site, the more interested people will be in your offering. Use high quality photos -- especially the photos of yourself and your team. Stock imagery is fine, but don't use the same smiling face answering the phone that every other site is using.

Studies show that people read content differently on a website than they do in a newsletter or article. Content must be easy to find and easy to read. It must be relevant and be in the vernacular of the audience. Keep your sentences short -- a maximum of 17 words. Break copy into small chunks that are easy to digest. Use bullets when possible so the reader can quickly skim your content.
Spice It Up
Videos are without a doubt among the most interesting ways to capture attention. The simple sound of a human voice speaking to you has an amazing way of converting information into meaningful content and in turn, grabbing a visitor's attention.

Does your content link to a service or action? A common mistake is that many websites fail to tell the visitor what to do. You can have great content, but without a call-to-action is like having the gas tank full in your car with nowhere to go. So if you don't add a call-to-action, the typical website zombie wanders aimlessly until they run out of steam, becomes bored or something shiny draws their attention away to yet another site. 

Tell the visitor what to do. For instance, schedule an appointment, book a consultation, set a date for a demo, click to call, make a payment, share a document, do something! A good call-to-action is the natural conclusion to the content on your page.  It's what the visitor should do and wants to do after viewing your compelling content.

Personalize the Experience
Zombies are rarely addressed by first name, but you can do it through your site. Being able to personalize your site can awaken the most glassy-eyed zombie from the deepest state. vCita LiveSite is a sure way to capture your zombie's attention as returning clients are immediately recognized and alerted to any account changes. Let's say your client missed a payment. LiveSite recognizes the client by name, and alerts the client the next time they visit your site. With just a click or two, the client can make an online payment and the business is immediately notified. Easy peasy.

Help Stamp Out Online Zombie Syndrome
You can help. Each year more and more websites are built in the infinite Internet universe. Differentiating your business and capturing the attention of online visitors so you can convert them to clients is the goal of every website. To do so, leverage website best practices and innovative technology to drive more opportunities through good navigation, clear and compelling content and effective calls-to-action. You can help end the digital doldrums and encourage even the walking dead to take action.

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