vCita Presents: A Webinar Series to Increase Client Engagement

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vCita Presents: A Webinar Series to Increase Client Engagement

vCita Presents is a webinar series to help vCita clients, website owners, email marketers, web developers, bloggers and social media advocates increase online engagement and drive more business. This series includes industry leading guest speakers that will share their secrets, experience and insights to help your small business grow. 

Secrets of a Digital Diva:
Leveraging Digital Assets and Calls-to-Action to Increase Sales

Caren Glasser
January 28 @ Noon ET/9am PT | Register Now!

Now that the visitor has found you online, now what? Caren Glasser, co-founder of Spark It Network, author and Internet TV host will share her secrets to create a digital footprint and calls-to-action to increase engagement and generate revenue. Learn what is a digital asset & why digital assets are so valuable, ways to create a digital asset, and how to integrate calls-to-action with your digital assets to increase engagement and accelerate sales. Plus, each attendee will receive Caren's latest book, "Blogging for Profits." 

The Power of Engagement:
Integrative Marketing that Matters

Brandon L.D. Klayman
February 19 @ Noon ET/9am PT | Register Now!

Brandon L.D. Klayman, a leading expert in engagement marketing and CEO and founder of Conscious Commerce, will share best practices related to marketing for small businesses n this one hour webinar. The focus will be on how to establish channels of engagement that lead to meaningful relationships and results. Learn what engagement is all about, commerce channels, campaigns and conversion, meaningful marketing matter and how to diversify your portfolio of engagement with real-time experiences. 

Killing It in Social

Jennifer Gardella, PhD
March 26 @ Noon ET/9am PT | Register Now!

Jennifer Gardella, PhD, Adjunct professor for Rutgers University and social media consultant at, will share how to develop a plan for social media, position your small business as the expert and become the go-to place for services. Jennifer will walk attendees through the basic structure of an organized social media plan, including account setup, connecting with the right people and how to increase engagement with calls-to-action within the world of social media. Jennifer will also share her recommendations on how you can easily be more social to enhance your online presence and generate more sales. Plus one attendee will win a 30 minute consultation with Jennifer while every attendee will get a free 7-day trial to

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