Update Your Small Business Website

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Update Your Small Business Website

It's that time of year to revisit your website and do a little clean-up. The best way to kick start the New Year is with an up-to-date company website. Here are four tips to get your started.

Be Responsive.
Responsive design allows your website to automatically adjust for optimal viewing on any device— desktops, tablets and smartphones. With the growth of mobile devices for online use, responsive design has quickly moved from a "nice to have" to a "must have."

You can go through the expense of redesigning your site, but that is not always the best scenario—it's expensive and time-consuming. You can also purchase software online that will help you recreate a page or two of your site into a format that "responds" to any device. This still takes time and can be costly—upwards of a $1000 depending on the vendor you choose. Or you can leverage vCita's mobile-ready capabilties. vCita offers responsive calls-to-action that accommodate any mobile device, giving the appearance of responsive design. This way you can offer a mobile-ready version of your site with vCita and better prepare for the redesign later in 2015.

Enhance your Graphics.
Sliders seemed like a great idea, but the truth is, rotating sliders typically lower conversions. Neilson Norman Group performed eye-tracking experiments that showed that users seeking a particular piece of information literally could not see it when it was placed in a big, promotional-looking banner. Even though movement of the banner may attract attention, the conscious brain ignores it.

Instead, look for stunning imagery that convey's your key messaging. Telling your story through images is especially powerful, especially on a mobile device.

Improve your Design.
Simplicity is always best. Flashing words and animation that marches off the page are distracting and reek of unprofessionalism. Employing "flat design," by leaving out fancy deisgn elements such as gradients and shadows, provides a more optimal user experience. Pages load faster, which in turn, helps SEO.

With more and more mobile users, one positive is the influence of adding more white space and vertical scrolling as there is no "fold" on a smart phone. Look at your homepage and leverage vertical scrolling to tell your story more completely. Incorporate a lot of white space. Your presentation will be more pleasing and easier on the eye.

Add Interactive Elements.
Giving users the opportunity to interact will be more and more important in 2015. Whether it's a poll, appointment scheduling, messaging or remitting an online payment, website users will expect company sites to be vehicles for two-way communication. Included in this are call-to-action buttons that offer an easy way for online visitors and returning clients to connect with the business. The pay-off is big as more interaction leads to more conversions and more loyal customers.

Check out LiveSite and see how you can offer a responsive design alternative with calls-to-action that can double, even triple engagement. Better capture more online visitors and achieve more conversions. Increase sales and deliver better service.

Now, shouldn't your website work hard for you rather than hardly working?

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  1. Your information is presented well, and I wish I really had a business to utilize your sites skills. Maybe we could talk sometime and see if there's something we can do w / my blog. I liked the interactive appointment scheduling widget. Great site folks.