Create a FaceBook "Book Now" Call-to-Action Button

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Create a FaceBook "Book Now" Call-to-Action Button

Creating call-to-action buttons within your Facebook business page has become easy. Creating effective call-to-action buttons that you don't have to manage and fuss with is what vCita has been doing for over four years now on websites, mobile sites and email campaigns.

Facebook finally enables businesses to add Book Now, Pay Now, Contact us call-to-action buttons into their Facebook business page and increase client engagement directly from Facebook.

vCita takes it further. vCita calls-to-action are automatically added—any appointment, message or payment, along with the client contact information and Facebook profile into your CRM, then vCita notifies you on your phone about the new inquiry while automatically responding to the client.

This is a call-to-action button on steroids!

Here's how you can get started in's easy!

1. First create the vCita link for the call-to-action you want. For example, "Book Now"
  • Log into your vCita account or create a free account here
  • Visit the "LiveSite Links" section.
  • Customize your link with a specific appointment type, service and hours associated with that service, or offer the client to choose the staff member and service he wish to book. 
  • Grab your custom call-to-action link.

2. On Facebook, go to your page's cover photo and click "Create a Call-to-Action."
3. Choose your call-to-action.

4. Paste the vCita link in the Website field. 
Since vCita is already mobile-optimized, there is no need to add a different link in the "Mobile Website" field.

5. Click "Next" and then "Create."

Last, if you haven't added vCita to your actual website - it's time to do so.
Most clients still go to your website first to learn about who you are and what you offer.

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