Tips to Higher Google Rankings

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Tips to Higher Google Rankings

If your visitors don't think your website is unique, valuable or engaging, then no one else will either, including Google and the other search engines.

Take an honest look at your website and compare it to others in your field. Is it better? Really? If so, how is it better? Can you name a clear and specific reason your website is better than others?

Great websites please users. They provide more useful and engaging content. The goal is not just to provide information, but to provide information uniquely and distinctly in your own way and to create a reason for the user to engage. If you want your website to rank higher in Google search results, you must find a way to have people enjoy your website and enjoy it enough to interact. This can be accomplished in a few simple ways.

Improve the User Experience (or UX)
The best way to have your website rank higher is to make it better for your users. Being better requires that your site is differentiated from your competitors by being more:

•  useful, interesting
• simple, easy to use
• comprehensive, informative
• humorous, pleasant
• able to solve problems quicker or more effectively
• visually stunning.

You simply won't rank high in Google if people do not have a pleasant experience. And, if isn't pleasant, they will not engage.

Think about why people would want to visit your site and then make it an even better experience. Many website owners simply walk away once the website is "done." Or they spend time on SEO instead of improving their site. Your site is not static. It is a living communications vehicle, available 24/7 to a global audience. And your website is not "done" until you are ranking where you want to rank, and engaging your audience. If you aren't ranking high and if you are not engaging, your website is not "done."

Getting to "Done"
 The following are tips to help you in ranking higher.

• Follow the Google webmaster guidelines.
• Accept that your website is not perfect. Re-examine your look and feel and consider updating your theme.
• Instead of reading SEO blogs, spend that time reading blogs about your industry. Interact with them and learn what topics your audience is interested in. Populate your content and blog posts with those topics in mind.
• Take a fresh look at your images and graphics. Can they be improved?
• Create calls-to-action that encourage engagement, a reason for the visitor to connect with you. Offer a means to interact like messaging, online scheduling, file sharing, bill paying or more.
• Make sure you are delivering the best information possible and creating an opportunity for that visitor to see you as the competitive winner.

But, what good is a high Google ranking if no one engages with your site?

Optimize your site by making it the best destination possible for your clients. Remember to add calls-to-action so visitors know what to do after they have found your site and now know you are the one service they want. Give them a vehicle to communicate, engage and make it simple.

vCita LiveSite does just that. Once you've gotten to "almost done," look at vCita LiveSite and add a unique call-to-action to your site that encourages engagement through theh web, mobile, social and even email campaigns. Offer online scheduling, messaging or even the ability to pay online for a deposit or full payment upfront for a service. Add the links to your blog and email campaigns. These calls-to-action, coupled with good, solid content and a clean, pleasing theme will help you rank higher and most of all, increase business.

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