Enhance Your Website with Advanced Online Scheduling

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Enhance Your Website with Advanced Online Scheduling

We've released some pretty cool features this week within vCita Online Scheduling. 

The new Advanced Scheduling allows businesses to set aside blocks of time for travel, buffers between client meetings or a call or add a scheduled break into the day. Businesses can also set the schedule to reflect different service offerings on selected days and hours for maximum flexibility.

Let’s say you really need 15 minutes of preparation time before a call. Now it's easy with the new Preparation Time feature (sometimes known as "padding"). This allows you to add a defined amount of time before each appointment. Just go to the Services setting page and edit the service by selecting "Preparation Time." A drop down menu will offer 10 to 60 minute increments of time for you to select. Select the time increment and save the changes. That's it. It's that easy. Remember though, preparation time is not calculated for the first appointment of the day.

Next, let's say you want to reduce the number of complimentary consultations you offer, by offering them on Monday and Wednesday only from 8:30 am to Noon. Just click on "Availability" in the Services screen and check "Set service-specific availability." A calendar will appear and you can edit, delete or add specific segments of time for a service.

It's that easy. You can customize each offering on your services menu while meeting the needs of new and existing clients. 

At vCita, we continue to create enhancements to make your life as a business owner, easier while helping you capture more business, deliver better service and accelerate growth through unique calls-to-action within your website. From online scheduling to messaging and online payments and file sharing, vCita offers self-service calls-to-action that leverage your current website and turn it into a LiveSite—making it a vital business tool.

To view the technical article, click here.

If you haven't experienced vCita LiveSite, what are you waiting for? Check out online scheduling, online payments, CRM, file sharing, invoicing and invoice templates and so much more. To learn more about our latest feature release, please read the blog post.

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