Boosting Email Marketing Campaigns with Client Engagement Platforms & Scheduling Tools

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Boosting Email Marketing Campaigns with Client Engagement Platforms & Scheduling Tools

As published in Digital Marketing Magazine. Article by Ran Oelgeisser, CMO of vCita

The challenges facing small businesses are countless and never-ending so ensuring efficiency and ROI in all activities is key to achieving success. With the amount of effort needed to simply run a small business day to day, it is easy for even the most efficient and diligent owner to get bogged down with the basics of running their organization. This can often leave additional critical tasks such as improving customer engagement by the wayside, as they can draw attention away from core business functions. However, small businesses must remember to constantly interact and engage with their customers – and thanks to the marriage of traditional and innovative business communication technologies, they can do it in a painless and seamless way.

One such marriage that I’ve seen bring tremendous ROI is the combination of email marketing with client engagement platforms. These tools are additional applications that can be seamlessly integrated into a business website, email campaigns, or social marketing software – enabling clients to interact with a business online, from anywhere at any time....

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