What the Service Industry Can Learn from Retail: Online Payment Options

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What the Service Industry Can Learn from Retail: Online Payment Options

Online payment options are a standard offering in the retail sector. Retailers often offer online catalogs, with online ordering and payment functions with product availability indicators. Clients receive immediate gratification shopping and paying online. The experience is positive, encouraging them to return again and again.

Service providers, from hair salons to CPAs, can create a similar dynamic on their website by offering the ability to pay online. Consider offering a listing of services with pricing. This services “catalog” lets the visitor choose the desired service, book the appointment and prepay in one seamless online experience. With vCita, clients can make an initial deposit, submit a partial payment or pay in full for any service, product or combination of the two.

For instance, A House of Style Salon offers the option to prepay or make a deposit directly through vCita. Now 80% of her clients book through vCita, often paying when the appointment is scheduled. Plus, her business has increased 300%.

Or check out, MDV Custom Cakes in Brooklyn.
MDV offers cake tastings and receives payment at the time the appointment is scheduled. Prepayment has virtually eliminated no-shows and owner Melody Velez cannot be happier.

From CPAs to physical therapists, you can reduce no-shows, ensure a steady revenue stream and offer added convenience to your clients by providing online payment options. vCita client after vCita client share their success.

You can easily add a vCita payment option to your website and offer a positive user experience similar to retail. You can quickly customize payment buttons on different pages so clients can easily pay for a service. Clients just click and they can make a payment within the client portal using any credit card or with PayPal.

Complement online payments with vCita Invoicing and Payments for Scheduled Appointments  features. It's easy to do and helps differentiate your business from your competition.

With vCita, you can offer clients an intuitive, easy to use web-to-end service from first contact through final payment. Plus, you deliver a positive online experience with immediate user gratification. And you get paid faster and with no extra effort.

You can also increase your access to new and global markets. This increased availability extends your reach to tap into markets never before thought possible. By giving website visitors more than just information on your service offering, small businesses can quickly convert visitors into clients and increase revenue.

Isn't it time to rethink the online experience you're currently offering clients? Maybe it's time to learn a few more tricks! Learn more at www.vcita.com.

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