Four Web Design Trends for 2015

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Four Web Design Trends for 2015

1. Be Responsive. Many web professionals agree that responsive design is no longer an option. With more and more people using mobile devices, websites must be able to accommodate any browser, on any device, anywhere. Responsive design automatically changes the site according to the user's computer screen resolution so it adjusts to a smartphone, tablet or desktop, looking beautiful on every device.

Responsive web designing is different than traditional web design. It can present a number of challenges, especially when data tables are used. Images are also called "context-aware" and appear to change with fluidity with the help of updated developer tools and coding languages. An example of a responsive site is below. Notice how it responds automatically.
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2. The Rise of Ghost Buttons. Also called "naked," "empty" or "hollow." They represent a basic shape with a transparent background that is delineated with the help of a solid border that is usually very thin. Ghost buttons blend into the composition, becoming almost indistinguishable — like a ghost.
Ghost buttons are often elegant, yet subtle and are becoming increasingly popular in web design. When accompanied by a proper background and set in a specific environment, ghost buttons can grab the visitor's attention.

3. Scrolling Beats Clicking. Scrolling is here to stay. Infinite scrolling depends on your website. Infinite scrolling allows users to browse content while new content is automatically loaded. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and others use infinite scrolling. It works because these multi-billion dollar giants have a huge flow of user generated content that is continuously updated. Infinite scrolling offers fast and easy browsing, especially for mobile users, and is often more visually creative.

But Infinite scrolling has its drawbacks, too. Visitors can become disoriented, losing where they are in your site, then pogosticking back to the top of the feed to learn where they are. Visitors can't skip ahead because content is automatically added. And speaking of content, some users grow tired and grow irritable when there is no destination in sight.

Rule of thumb: if you choose infinite scrolling, apply some best practices. First, keep the navigation bar to the top of the webpage and make it visible. Combine traditional pagination and infinite scrolling by adding a "Load More" button. This gives your visitors a choice. And this way, you can have a normal footer.

4. Getting Personal. Cookies are yesterday. Now it's all about the personal experience. Websites are remembering you and tailoring your next experience. This is common in e-commerce sites such as Amazon remembering your name when you re-enter the site. For service organizations, this is now becoming a growing trend. Service industries are learning from online retail and are beginning to personalize their sites. Often this includes remembering the visitor's name, an alert of a change in account status, a message, an appointment reminder or some other personal "event."  Personalization can enhance the user's experience and help them keep coming back for more.

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