Don't Waste Time on Processes You Can Automate

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Don't Waste Time on Processes You Can Automate

 Guest Blogpost by MamaRed Knight of MamaRed Knight Consulting 

You’re running full out, living with a digital “something” in every pocket you own. On call 24/7. Scrambling to put out fires. Put a post on the latest “must-have” social media site.

Panicked because you forgot to follow up with that person who said they were interested in your whatchadoogie thingamabob.

Worried because you don’t know if you have the techie stuff down…and in fact, don’t WANT to have the techie stuff down.

Not sure if your family and friends even know you exist because running a business is the only thing you seem able to think about.

How does someone get to a “4 hour workweek, eh?” (I suppose it’s possible, although I’m definitely not there…yet!) And what I know is possible, with 150% certainty, is that you can use boring old processes, systems and even technology to get back to doing things YOU love most and do BEST.

So Where Do You Start...
To get back to the the things you LOVE MOST and DO BEST:
1. Make a list of the things you do that lead directly to income
2. Prioritize income-generating tasks
3. Automate the things you don’t have to do manually
4. Document the steps so you or anyone else, can do them the RIGHT way every time
5. Offload the tasks that aren’t in your wheelhouse

For this post, we’ll focus on automating the things you don’t have to do manually, using a complimentary consult (often called a Discovery Session or Get-To-Know-You session).

The Big Picture...
Your service-based company provides telephone-based coaching/consulting to high powered busy executives and each person goes from contact to client with a 30-45 minute initial consult. On average the total time involved is over 2.25 hours with all the back-and-forth (lovingly called Calendar Tennis) to find a time that works and getting the contact to complete your questionnaire so you focus your call on their specific needs.

You’ve got to find a way to streamline and automate these calls so you or your team can generate more revenue,  more reach, more quickly.

The Manual Forget-Things Flow 

Now, the Income-Generating Flow 

Automation Tools You Can’t Live Without.
1. vCita: Automate scheduling anywhere you can use the Name or share a link.

2. JotformPro: Store the responses to the pre-call questionnaire, send link to vCita calendar and add contact to the MadMimi email list.

3. MadMimi: Email management tool used for sharing information, newsletters and product/service promotions.

Get Started Now!
So how can you use vCita to automate YOUR business calls and meetings? How much will you save in time, money and hair pulling?

Questions? Pop them into the comments and let’s get them answered. Schedule your no-cost Tame theBizBeasties rendezvous and let’s get that business of yours growing...the automated way.

MamaRed Knight

MamaRed Knight combines 30 years as a business consultant and strategist. She is an internationally known teacher, speaker, coach and consultant transforming business challenges into step-by-step solutions to build bank accounts and transform lives.

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  1. I dearly love streamlining and automating those repetitive (and usually boring!) tasks that keep BizOwners from doing what they love most. What are YOUR favorite tools for making things easier for you, your Biz and your clients?

    Laugh lots, Love more!