True Built Homes Nails It with vCita LiveSite

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True Built Homes Nails It with vCita LiveSite


vCita & Constant Contact Email Campaigns Keep Builder Hammering Away

• vCita LiveSite Online Scheduling link within Constant Contact email campaigns increased conversions resulting in more sales

• vCita CRM captures contact inquiry data and notifies staff to ensure superior customer service

• Receives a steady stream of qualified inquiries every day through vCita

Since 2007, True Built Home has been building dream homes in the Pacific Northwest.  As a child, Lewis D. Mann, founder and president of True Built Home, was taught the importance of hard work and customer service, and has infused these values into every aspect of True Built Home. Mann has reshaped the volume-building industry into one of partnering with clients, creating long-lasting relationships that result in quality built homes.

Tools for Success
Mann believes in the importance of quality interactions between client and business. He also sought to reduce the $2,000 cost of each client conversion. So when Mann was redesigning the True Built Home website, he wanted to ensure his clients received amazing customer care while trimming costs where possible. Instead of a standard contact us page, which Mann knew was rarely used, Mann looked to the vCita LiveSite Web Engagement Platform as his online vehicle. vCita LiveSite provides online clients the ability to easily communicate, schedule appointments, share documents and pay online through a standard website.

vCita LiveSite took minutes to integrate into the True Built Home website. Mann’s designer quickly customized vCita to seamlessly align with True Built Home’s branding. Now online visitors can leave a message or schedule an appointment with a True Built Home representative anytime, anywhere on any device.

Nailed It!
Mann’s innovation in the marketing of home building did not end here. Mann integrated vCita with his Constant Contact outbound marketing email program. Mann includes a vCita Online Scheduling link within his Constant Contact email campaigns and receives a steady stream of leads. Email recipients can instantaneously click on the online scheduling link and can book a consultation. No hassles. No waiting until office hours. Recipients are afforded amazing customer service whether it’s an email, on his website or an onsite visit.

Mann says clients love the convenience of vCita LiveSite and he loves the simplicity and thoroughness of the platform. vCita provides an easy to use client communications channel, captures the contact info from each request through the vCita CRM, and Mann and his staff are immediately notified of each client request via text or email. Clients receive an automated response, thereby ensuring each client interaction is acknowledged with superior customer service.

We receive client requests daily with at least three to four qualified leads each day through vCita. vCita LiveSite helps me ensure every client is met with exceptional service from the very first contact through the final home sale,” says Mann. “True Built Home is not looking to be the biggest builder, but we are determined to be the best home builder in the Pacific Northwest. With vCita, we are making this happen.” 
For more information, visit vCita at, email or call 855-824-8244. Click here for a printer-friendly version.

Special thanks to Lewis Mann, founder and CEO of True Built Home for sharing his story. Visit True Built Home at

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