Four No-Brainer Tips to More Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

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Four No-Brainer Tips to More Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are comprised of many moving parts. By following a few simple best practices, including planning, including a call to action, and understanding analytics is the recipe for a successful and measurable campaign.

1. Make a Plan and Never Spam. Nothing creates more harm than inconsistent messaging and a lack of direction. Your sales and marketing messaging should be aligned and emails written to address a specific target audience. Emails to a professional services organization differ from an email to a retail establishment just as emails from a business to another business differ from emails to a consumer. If you target multiple decision makers in different industries, you should adapt your approach to each customer segment. Make your content relevant and tailor your messages to your audience. Email campaigns are not mumus…one size does not fit all.

2. Make it Inviting. Your email is one of thousands so focus on writing a subject line that is compelling enough to open.  You have to be more interesting than the 999 other emails in the prospects inbox. Make it interesting, intriguing. Include bullet points with relevant and interesting information. And keep it short. An email five paragraphs long is work to read and you are one click from the SPAM or TRASH prison.

3. Include a Call to Action. Your prospect has read your email. Now what? Tell them what the next step is. A call to action is one of the most important ingredients to a successful campaign. Create a sense of urgency and don’t confuse your reader—offer a single call to action.

Add a link to schedule an appointment online, receive a discount or a quote. In Marketo or Constant Contact, it’s easy to include a vCita Online Scheduling link in the email as a call to action. GPL Tax & Accounting added an online scheduling link to their Constant Contact email reminders for tax preparation. The response rate was 70 percent booking appointments, saving the firm hundreds of hours of telephone follow-up while ensuring higher client retention.

Another rising tech company, ShopKeep, includes a link to schedule a demo or consultation in their outbound campaigns. Since initiating the program, Don Bernard Jones of ShopKeep, reports that the company has grown so much, his staff of 17 reps has nearly doubled just this year to meet demand.

Even True Built Homes, has seen an increase in conversions after adding online scheduling to their Constant Contact email campaigns. True Built receives at least three to four qualified leads each day through vCita.

4. Analyze Your Data. You can learn a lot about your audience by analyzing the metrics. Using an outbound email marketing platform like Constant Contact can provide interesting and actionable data. A/B testing is a great way to figure out what works and what doesn’t. And remember to look at the metrics objectively to garner insights. How many emails were opened? Which links were clicked? Which offers resulted in the most conversions? How many unsubscribed and how many emails and at what frequency did they receive them. All of this data can help you tailor your future email campaigns to achieve greater success.

It doesn't have to take a lot of time to create an effective outbound email campaign. Just be smart, include these basic tips and measure the results. Then repeat the process, enhancing where you were less than effective, and measure again. Then repeat.

This is how you learn.

Learn more about how GPL Tax & Accounting, True Built Homes and ShopKeep successfully use a CTA within their outbound email campaigns.


  1. Hi, Great email marketing tactics shared by you. I think, people should have to know this thing before starting Email Marketing campaign.

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