What's New in the World of WordPress Websites

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What's New in the World of WordPress Websites


A Look at WordPress 4.0

WordPress 4.0 just arrived and this is a major release with many improvements and new features. We'll look at a few of the cool new features WordPress users should try after updating their sites.

Note: WordPress 4.0 is a major release. As such it will not get automatically updated. WordPress website owners will need to initiate the update. Also take note that the 4.0 is just a version number. This version 4.0 has followed version 3.9 so there is no such thing as WordPress 4 or WordPress 3. It's 4.0 or 3.9.

According to wpbeginner, the following are the most impressive improvements of this release. Let's take a look:

Language. WordPress is used globally and powers websites in a multitude of languages. If a user wanted to use WordPress in another language, then they had to either install a localized version of WordPress or manually upload translation files. With WordPress 4.0, the first step in the installation process is to choose a language.

Be aware that users cannot switch languages from the Settings screen. Users can only switch languages already installed in their /wp-content/languages/directory.

Media Library. This version offers a new and improved media library. Users will be able to see their uploads in a grid layout with infinite scroll. This new layout is much faster and allows for quick search, browse and edit of media files.

Clicking on an item in the media library opens it in a popup window where you can add a caption, alt text, title and description. Users can also use their keyboard arrow keys to browse images or use the Esc key to close the popup.

Previews in Post Editor. Users can view their embeds inside the visual post editor so when you paste a video URL (from YouTube, Vimeo, etc) in the visual editor, it will automatically become visible right inside the editor. This is also applicable for Tweets.

Better Post Editor. The improved post editor will offer a better writing experience for most users. The scroll bar in the post editor has been removed. Multiple scroll bars make it a bit awkward to work on long articles. Now the post editor will automatically adjust itself as you write.

Next is the sticky menu bar in the post editor. This means the menu bar and the add media button will stay visible on the users screen. You will not have to scroll to click the button.

Plugin Search & Install Experience. One of the most exciting features is the new plugin install screen. Search results now appear in boxes and provide more information than before. Searching for plugins is faster and you can quickly switch between featured, favorites and popular plugin tabs.

Theme Customizer Panels. Widgets added to theme customizer in WordPress 3.9 are now moved to their own panel in customizer. This makes it easier to add and manage widgets from the customizer screen.

Developer Goodies. Check out an entirely new API for user controls in customizer. Just as Widgets are grouped into their own panel, theme and plugin developers can now group options on panels. Customizer now supports contexts, panels and a new set of controls which you can use in your themes and plugins.

Overall, according to wpbeginner, the favorite new feature is the new post editor and how it adjusts itself.

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  1. Hello,While I concur that WordPress 4.0 isn't the same leap as 3.0 seemed to be,I can't help contradicting this being an issue.As opposed to including more features,the team is uniting existing features and working hard to present to us a better user experience.Thank you.
    @Jessica Glenn.