The Super Powers of Small Business Websites

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The Super Powers of Small Business Websites

Goliath learned a lot from David: don't under estimate your opponent because of size. And that same lesson should be the anthem of small business. "Just because you're small, doesn't mean you can't win."

Obviously, small businesses haven't the resources of their big business competitors. They haven't the staff, the big budgets, the long list of vendors, yada yada yada. Small business could admit game over, retreat to the dug out. Or small business can outsmart Goliath and score in the big league.

How? By being agile, nimble, fast. According to Mike Michalowicz's "The Competitive Advantage Small Businesses have that Big Competitors Don't," big companies have red tape, review cycles, hoops to jump through, and small business can act before big business can react. Small business can provide service that only big business can dream about providing. You can succeed by doing what they can't do. Be responsive and be quick.

For example, when a visitor comes to your site, take advantage of the situation and provide a call to action. Capture the moment. Try using  Online Scheduling or Messaging and encourage engagement—after all, the visitor is interested in your services as s/he came to your site. Provide an easy communication channel and respond immediately—either through an automated response or craft a custom response. Either way, your immediate attention will create a long lasting impression on the client.

Once you have connected, empower the client to continue the engagement and drive the dialogue. A  LiveSite client portal offers clients the ability to connect and reconnect without ever picking up the phone. Clients can engage on their terms. Then you can respond to their needs quickly from anywhere on any device.

Big business cannot react this quickly. Once a question or concern is submitted, it's viewed, categorized and transferred to someone that can skillfully manage the communication. It can take days or weeks for a response. Small business can tap out a communication in minutes and respond, making the client feel like a million bucks that someone listened and cared.

Michalowicz believes speed is a necessity. He says "...a lumbering beast of a company that needs a committee and a month's time to review, discuss and plan every single change is at a marked disadvantage in a marketplace that favors flexibility, agility and lightning speed."

Small business has more up their sleeves than big business. Using the web as a tool, quick response times and the ability to act on the fly will pay dividends that big business can only dream of reaping one day.

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