vCita LiveSite is Heaven Sent for Angel Reader

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vCita LiveSite is Heaven Sent for Angel Reader


Spiritualist Saves Times & Accelerates Business with vCita LiveSite

• Dramatically increased engagement with 20 messages and 8 bookings each day through vCita LiveSite

• Eliminated scheduling issues, increased time for marketing and significantly enhanced client retention

• Clients love the ease of use and automated reminders eliminate no-shows

Laura Lyn is a psychic, teacher, lecturer and author of three books. Her focus it to broaden awareness and healing through love and to teach others how to share their own spiritual potential. She has been recognized as Ohio’s Best Psychic and resides in Akron.

Laura Lyn had her website built on the Wix website platform by a local web designer. Soon Laura Lyn was answering calls and emails for private and group readings.

It was not long until she was spending more time returning phone calls and emails than operating her business. She was inadvertently double booking and couldn’t keep up with demand. She hired a part-time assistant to just return calls and emails. Laura Lyn knew there had to be a better solution.

Laura Lyn logged onto and began searching for an online scheduling solution that would complement her site. Laura Lyn happened onto the vCita LiveSite app. vCita promised to transform her existing Wix site into a LiveSite by providing a dynamic client portal. Online clients could message, call or schedule a reading directly through her website. Laura Lyn contacted her web designer, who took minutes to install vCita.

Now Laura Lyn’s clients are empowered to schedule readings when it is convenient for them, anytime, anywhere on any device. Laura Lyn receives 15 to 20 vCita messages and 7 to 8 bookings for private or group readings each day. That's 100 messages and more than 35 appointments each week through vCita LiveSite.

Laura Lyn loves how vCita provides an immediate means for her clients to reach her—while interest is at its peak as they are viewing her website. Her clients tell Laura Lyn how they love how easy it is to connect with Laura Lyn, and appointment confirmations and reminders are appreciated by her clients. Plus, client retention is paramount to Laura Lyn’s business and it has never been better since integrating vCita.

vCita LiveSite has eliminated double bookings as Laura Lyn’s calendar is automatically synched with her Google calendar. Plus, her part-time assistant now has time to do marketing and other projects rather than spending her time sorting through emails, rearranging and confirming appointments.
"vCita made my website work for me," says Laura Lyn. "With vCita LiveSite, I have more time and resources to funnel into marketing and other activities to grow my business, rather than always trying to catch up with my business. Instead of running behind, I’m leading the way with vCita." 
For more information, visit vCita at, email or call 855-824-8244. Click here for a printer-friendly version. To join vCita, register now!

Special thanks to Laura Lyn for sharing her story. To learn more about Laura Lyn, visit her at

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