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Review of vCita LiveSite

 by Sarah Santacroce of Simplicity

How often do you get contacted through the contact form on your website? Honestly. Once a month? Once every two months? Sarah Santacroce of Simplicity Small Business Solutions is too embarrassed to share the specific numbers, but did admit that her contact form was used not more than once per month. Then she installed vCita LiveSite— it's the call-to-action, circled in red on the lower right hand side of her website.

Now no matter what day or time of day, visitors can communicate with Sarah or schedule a Skype call—directly through Sarah's LiveSite. The client can select three preferred times that are automatically aligned with Sarah's schedule. The online client can automatically receive a notification that the scheduling request was submitted and awaits a confirmation from Sarah. Simple. Easy to use. And, even though Sarah's site isn't optimized for mobile, with vCita, she can increase mobile engagement easily with vCita LiveSite.

Sarah has seen about a 400% increase in engagement through her vCita LiveSite. Sarah asks "Would you agree with me that this is proof that this little plugin works? What are you waiting for? Go over to vCita right now & install it on your website, too!"

Thanks to Sarah for trying and reviewing LiveSite. Read Sarah's complete review of vCita LiveSite. Get your own LiveSite today!

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