How a Bellevue Software Firm Splits its Time

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How a Bellevue Software Firm Splits its Time

As published in Puget Sound Business Journal| Septemver 2, 2014 by Rachel Lerman Staff writer at PSBJ.

Connection With Israel's Thriving Tech Scene Brings Connections to vCita 

Itzik Levy runs a 26-person Bellevue-based startup—and he does it from across the globe. His startup, vCita, creates a software for small businesses to use on their websites to integrate all processes for customers such as scheduling appointments, paying bills and sending messages.

The company is evenly split between Bellevue and Tel-Aviv, Israel has an active startup scene, Levy said, and the entrepreneurship culture is "quick and dirty."

Itzik Levy, CEO
"It's easier to recruit a team to build a project in Israel," he said. Plus, startup founders in Tel-Aviv are used to travveling because the local market is too small to go far without expanding globally.

Tel Aviv has the second-largest startup ecosystem in the world, behind the Silicon Valley.

"Everyone wants to be recognized for his own destiny," said Ran Oelgiesser, chief marketing officer of vCita.

Even the different time zones and different weekends work to vCita's advantage—employees are working 24-hours a day so customer queries are resolved quickly. Israel's working week typically runs form Sunday to Thursday.

Levy said vCita has 100,000 businesses using its product.

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