Five Website Design Blunders to Avoid

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Five Website Design Blunders to Avoid

Your website is the digital face of your business. It's very important that your brand leaves a good impression with your visitors.

Unfortunately, websites can contain digital design blunders that can affect your brand. Some goofs take you on a frustrating path to no where. Some are just annoying to the frequent web surfer. Others can actually disrupt the user experience, resulting in lost customers and revenue.

Allison Howen of Website Magazine lists five digital blunders you can avoid. In her article entitled, "5 Web Design Blunders," Howen warns against some common mistakes. Below are her top five:

1. Lack of a Favicon
Favicons are small icons associated with a website or page, typically displayed next to the url in the address bar, next to the page name in the browser tab or next to the page name in a bookmark list. For Howen, not having a favicon is a personal pet peeve. Howen believes that favicon's help identify a brand's website among the numerous tabs open in a browser. They are easy to add and she believes they add tremendous brand value.

2. Anti-Social

Nowadays, nearly every brand has a social media presence. However some brands still haven't added these handles to their website. Howen believes social icons on a website are important for all brands, especially small businesses because it is the easiest and most simply way to grow a following.

 3. Poor Photography

Sometimes it is necessary to use stock photography. Howen advises that it shouldn't make up the majority of creative on your site. If you use stock photography, she says to avoid boring or silly images. Be creative and modify the images with text or other effects so you can make it more distinct. If you can, Howen urges website owners to use their own photos and images.

4. Security
In the digital age, make sure your site offers a secure online payment system. Howen recommends adding the Verisign or TRUSTe symbols to your page to show you do take security seriously. This will ease any concerns a potential client may have paying online.

5. FAQs
Howen says most site managers believe that their company website is really simple to use and self-explanatory. But, some visitors may not see it that way. Featuring an updated FAQ page on your site can help customers answer their own questions and lower support calls. Howen encourages website owners to place the FAQ page some place that is easy to find so customers don't get frustrated.

And there are additional blunders to avoid as well.

Consider adding your physical address to your footer. This helps visitors know you are real and are sticking around.

Make the font readable. Too often too much content is jammed onto a page. Remember white space is as important as the type. Use a light colored background. Reverse type (white type on a dark background) is more difficult to read.

Keep your color palette simple. Use two main colors with an accent color. The use of too much color can be distracting, taking away from your content.

And most importantly, add a call-to-action to every page. You have a visitor interested in your product or service. This person sought you out. Why not offer a means to connect with you? By not providing a call-to-action, you are relying on the visitor to pencil down your phone or email and contact you during business hours the next day.

Why take the chance of turning away a potential client? You could be losing more business than you know.

Try vCita LiveSite and easily add a dynamic interactive communications portal for online visitors to contact you via email, phone or schedule an appointment while still on your website. Online scheduling is the easiest way for an online visitor to convert to a paying client. The visitor clicks the prompt and can book the appointment at the point of engagement. And, you can have clients pre-pay with an online payments feature, thereby eliminating no-shows and reducing rescheduling issues. It's an easy website blunder to avoid!


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