EasyWay Ordering Delivers with vCita LiveSite

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EasyWay Ordering Delivers with vCita LiveSite


LiveSite Reflects Technology Firm—Simple & Cutting Edge

• vCita offered instant scheduling gratification to visitors
•  50% of all inquiries come through vCita LiveSite, averaging 10 new opportunities per week
• Company achieved 300% growth with vCita contributing to success

Restaurants are  slow to leverage technology in the take-out food ordering process. EasyWay Ordering, a fully customizable e-commerce solution, was specifically designed to meet the unique online ordering needs of restaurants. In 2010, EasyWay Ordering was preparing to launch and one of the main goals of Williams was to develop a website that reflected his business. “Ordering great food online should be easy,” says Clarence Williams, founder and CEO of EasyWay Ordering.

“If I create technology to modernize food ordering, my website should offer the same cutting edge technology when it comes to interacting with clients.”
The Full Meal Deal
Williams, an experienced IT consultant and entrepreneur, wanted an interactive site with a vehicle that would encourage client engagement from the first online visit. A website developer recommended the vCita LiveSite and Williams checked it out. He liked the ease of use and how intuitive the software was for even non-English speaking clients. Williams especially liked how his online visitors could achieve instant gratification by scheduling an appointment at the point of engagement at any hour – not losing clients to another vendor because it was after business hours. In addition, Williams learned vCita was compatible with his WordPress website.

Within minutes, the EasyWay Ordering website was transformed into a LiveSite, with a responsive, interactive online client portal. Visitors are invited to schedule an appointment or demo—directly through the website, anytime on any device. Visitors from the UK to Southeast Asia can engage with EasyWay Ordering on their terms. Demo appointments are set with just a click and an automated confirmation sent. EasyWay Ordering staff are notified of the appointment via email or text to their phone. Clients, needing to reschedule, can do so with just a click, eliminating the hassle of back and forth phone calls, dealing with time zones and any potential language barriers.

Accelerating Global Growth 
“Fifty percent of our inquiries come through vCita with half of those being international. Clients can schedule time with us across multiple time zones when it’s convenient for them,” says Williams.
“We receive at least 10 new business opportunities each week through vCita and achieved 300% growth in the past year alone. Our success is phenomenal and vCita has certainly been a major part of our story.”
EasyWay Ordering software  streamlines the online ordering process for thousands of restaurants globally and continues to grow at an accelerated rate. Currently they employ 30 in the United States and internationally.
“vCita was made to order,” continues Williams. “We love it.” 
For more information or for a free 14-day trial, visit vCita at www.vcita.com, email sales@vcita.com or call 855-824-8244. Click here for a printer friendly version.

Special thanks to Clarence Williams, CEO of EasyWay Ordering. Clarence Williams is an experienced IT consultant and successful entrepreneur after starting his career as a business analyst for fortune 500 companies in New York including AOL, FOX and A&E Television. He was responsible for implementing technology solutions that would make the company more efficient and reduce manual labor. Later, he began creating solutions for the private sector with the same goal in mind of taking inefficient, repetitive, manual processes and designing solutions to automate them. With that in mind, Williams founded EasyWay Ordering to streamline the food ordering process. To learn more about EasyWay Ordering, visit www.easywayordering.net.

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