Increasing Site Engagement & Sales

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Increasing Site Engagement & Sales


Guest Blog Post by Caren Glasser,
Co-Founder of Spark It Network.

Increasing site engagement and sales, and getting people's attention is only part of marketing and growing your business. You must get them to take ACTION to close the sale, book the gig, complete the transaction or it's all "just talk." In business, we call these CTAs or Call To Actions. They are designed to close sales and keep the communication process moving forward! ​

For the past six months, I have been using one of the most robust scheduling and CRM (Contact Relationship Management) programs that I have seen. As the co-founder of Spark It Network, a collaborative blogging platform, one of the things we teach is to always include a CTA at the end of your blog post. Tell your readers what you want them to do next. You might want them to schedule an appointment with you or send you a message. I wouldn’t think of blogging without a CTA.

vCita LiveSite on Facebook
The program I am referring to is vCita and I have to say, I am a raving fan! I use it to schedule appointments, keep track of my contacts and invoice them—to name a few of the features. I can even add my contact form to Facebook! I thought it couldn’t get any better but with the newly released LiveSite I have now transformed my website to drive more business from web, mobile, email & social to be able to deliver top notch service to my clients.

The LiveSite widget is displayed on my web page. It engages my visitors and prompts them to contact me or schedule an appointment. LiveSite also recognizes returning clients to continue their conversation through a personalized Client Portal. This portal includes scheduling, online payments and document sharing.

How cool is that?? Take a look at the customization video to see how easy and powerful vCita is! 

In my next post I will talk about how to take ACTION in your business.

How can I support you? Let’s set up some time to talk. And, by the way, this is a call to action: Contact Caren via vCita.

Special thanks to Caren Glasser is co-founder of Spark It Networks and also the founder of Promote Your Passion. Caren focuses on helping people find their passion and create better lives for themselves.

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